7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2023

Digital marketing has seen steady growth in recent years. Its potential to deliver key messages/content to the target audience feasibly has made it popular worldwide. It’s because of digital marketing that the marketing industry has become more rational than the earlier word-to-mouth approach. 

Digital marketing is one of ever-evolving industries, thanks to the advancing technology and changing customer behavior. So, digital marketing trends come and go while some stay here forever. It’s due to this evolving nature of the industry that the demand for a marketing agency in Adelaide has gone up in recent years

Let’s talk about the topmost digital marketing trends that will pass to the next year:


1.  Progressive SEO

SEO has always remained the backbone of a successful digital marketing strategy. About 53.3% of website traffic comes from an organic search that is drawn by effective SEO tactics. So, it plays an integral role in the growth of a business.

However, in the coming days, SEO is likely to become more progressive, thanks to its integration with AI (Artificial Intelligence). SEO professionals will have to understand the new Google algorithm (RankBrain) that uses machine learning for ranking content.

Although the basics, i.e., meta tags and high-quality contents, remain constant, the algorithm will focus more on user intent. It will rank the pages that produce information useful for the searcher. The ranked pages may or may not comply with traditional SEO approaches (like keywords).

SEO professionals will have to interpret the AI algorithm and come up with an optimization strategy to rank the page higher on the SERP. They will have to keep a content-first approach and do things accordingly.


2.  Relevant and Interactive Content

We all know the importance of high-quality content. In 2023, relevant and informative content wouldn’t be helpful alone. Digital marketers will have to come up with interactive content that connects with the audience. This is applicable for both website and social media content.

Your audience must know that they are reading immersive and real-life experiences. They should also be able to give feedback and reviews for the blog. That’s why polls/surveys will popularise (after content) in the upcoming days.


3.  Audience-centered Approach

In 2023, marketers will put their focus on the targeted audience. Now, you must be thinking that it has been a traditional digital marketing approach since the start. What’s new? 

Well, this time, digital marketers will focus on a small targeted audience rather than the whole group. Focusing on a small audience gives more scope to produce quality content and hold campaigns. So, it would be more helpful to target potential customers. 

With research, you’ll find a leading marketing agency in Adelaide that is already sequestering the audience as per choices, interests, and demographics. They also customize their Google ads and SEO services to become more specific and effective.


4.  Chatbots

Although many digital marketers have adapted it, chatbots are likely to stay on the trend list of every excellent marketing consultant in Adelaide and elsewhere. In the coming days, businesses might dedicate one complete chatbot for a particular service.

Chatbots could help deliver a personalized customer experience. They could also guide customers’ journeys through the right products or services based on their personal styles and preferences.


5.  Influencer Marketing

In the online marketing landscape, influencer marketing has become mainstream. Thanks to eye-popping popularity and dependency on social media. That’s why, in 2023, more and more businesses will take help from influencers (with a large fan following) to boost their brand image.

If an influencer recommends a product and their experience, it’s likely that the followers will click to see or even buy the product. Meanwhile, they could get money through endorsements.


6.  Quick Response

Finally, digital marketers have understood that customers don’t like waiting. That’s why you need to hire a marketing consultant in Adelaide who helps your business offer quicker and more helpful responses to customer queries.

They will come up with an approach that doesn’t include email chains with waiting days. Instead, the communication will be synchronous and instant. It’s important for small businesses to understand that if they snooze, they lose!


7.  Voice Search

Voice search is dominating in several industries, including digital marketing. People are drawn toward automotive technologies, and that’s why voice search assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are becoming popular.

Amidst such popularity, it’s likely that audiences will prefer contents that are optimized for voice search. Just as the contents rank in SERP, it would be useful if it ranks the same way for voice search results. Such strategies will improve the brand image and make it more visible to the targeted audience.  


Go with the Trend!

So, these were the seven digital marketing trends to watch in 2023. How many of these have you implemented as of now? If none, then let the professionals handle it.

Start your consultation today to optimize your business/website as per current digital marketing practices.