Why is it Hard to Find a Top Marketing Consultant Near Me?

A top marketing consultant can really shake up your brand’s marketing efforts and help you win better leads, maximise ROI from an advertising strategy and comprehensively target your preferred audience.

If you’re thinking, I know all this, but how can I find a good marketing consultant near me? Someone who actually gets the results instead of just making promises. Well, it doesn’t have to be this hard.

There are incredible marketing consultants all around the world. Here are some tips to help you find your next marketing consultant that’s good at what they do with ease.

What expertise are you looking for?:

The first step to finding a marketing consultant is to identify exactly what type of marketing expertise you are looking for. There are many marketing focus areas, and often, great marketing consultants specialise in just a few of them.

Most marketers will explicitly state on their website or LinkedIn profile what their areas of expertise are. Make sure potential candidates’ profiles align with your goals.

Don’t hire a content marketing consultant if you actually want to target market research, for example.

Analyse your KPIs:

What are the KPIs you are hoping to achieve? When you have this narrowed down, make sure to analyse if your potential marketing consultant has proven results operating with these KPIs.

Ask your marketing consultant for specific examples of successful campaigns they have been involved in. Any professional marketing consultant will have their portfolio ready to show you, and any that don’t are a red flag that should be avoided.

Find potential candidates:

Use LinkedIn or Google to search for marketing consultants near you. If your business is location dependent, it’s important to find a marketing consultant who is geographically relevant to you, either based in your city or country. This is because they have insight into the local marketing sphere, and will often have useful connections that they can use to facilitate your brand’s marketing success. Always identify multiple potential marketing consultants, and then compare to see who offers the services that most suit your needs.

Review their portfolio:

You need to get a feel for your marketing consultant’s work before agreeing to launch a campaign with them. Professional consultants will always have a portfolio that they are ready to share with you. If you see any work you love, feel free to ask the context behind it and find out how their ideas helped shape that campaign. Always query potential candidates on their history of delivering KPIs, and make sure they have the results to show you to back up their claims.

Don’t be afraid to engage in a discovery or consultation call to get a better feel for your marketer.

Final Thoughts:

Finding a marketing consultant near you doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. By following the above tips you will be well on your way to finding the perfect marketing consultant to work with your brand located near you.

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