How You Can Benefit From a Business Coaching Service

benefits from online coaching

Every business owner wants to see their business succeed, and they are always looking for advice and resources to help them achieve their goals.

While there are thousands of online articles, E-books and courses on how to start and successfully grow a business, they can be limiting because every business and its owner is unique.

Fortunately, there is now a service where business owners can get the individualised advice they need to resolve their challenging issues and turn their company into a success; that is, business coaching.

If you’re interested in learning more about business coaching services, here’s everything you need to know.

Who Offers Business Coaching Services?

Professional business coaches are usually established entrepreneurs and business owners themselves who have decided to use their experience of starting and growing businesses to assist other business owners in doing the same.

Because they are real humans who have been through it all before, they are able to provide something far more valuable than the generic advice you’ll find online. Instead, they offer personally tailored advice that’s specific to you and your unique business.

Essentially, partnering with a business coach is similar to having a highly experienced member on your team. The value that they provide business owners is priceless.

What Can Be Gained From Business Coaching Services?

People sometimes think that business coaches are more like consultants who develop your business for you. This is a misconception. Instead, they help you find direction, provide guidance and perspective, and they keep you accountable: a business coach will help you remain focused on your goals.

You want your coach to diagnose the specific and systemic issues in your business because they have the expertise to suggest solutions, and how to implement them, in order to get real results.

Here are some things you can expect from a business coach:

  • An unbiased viewpoint
  • Constructive criticism
  • Holding you accountable
  • Analysing strategies that have been successful and unsuccessful
  • Suggestions of new or improved methods, plans and strategies
  • Removing mental roadblocks
  • New networking opportunities
  • Constant motivation
  • Helping you understand your vision and setting goals
  • Developing your personal skills
  • Monitoring business growth

Case Study: Business Coaching Success Story

Grant is an experienced and highly acclaimed accountant, running his own freelance business in Sydney. Although he is very knowledgeable and adept at his job, for some reason, Grant was beginning to lose clients and couldn’t understand why. As a result, he decided to hire a business coach to help him identify the problem and provide guidance on how to improve his business offering.

Grant’s business coach helped him to identify his strengths and weaknesses. They discussed new opportunities, and also did a competitor analysis.

His coach contacted some of Grant’s clients who had left him in the recent past. Most of the feedback was that Grant is excellent at his job—but people reported that they felt he wasn’t approachable. They explained that they found it difficult to ask him questions or ask if they could do things a different way, because of his abrupt manner.

The business coach came to the conclusion that Grant’s short communications create the impression that his company is stuffy and out-of-date. On the other hand, the analysis showed that numerous competitor businesses have a modern website with a bright logo and friendly, colloquial language.

Grant decided that it would be a good idea to hire a marketing coach to give the business a makeover—from updating the website to coaching Grant on his interpersonal skills. He learned how to improve his email manner and started using clearer lay-mans style explanations and pleasantries. He had his office repainted, added some plants on the shelves, and made a calendar of clients’ birthdays so that he could give them a small box of chocolate.

Although Grant had to spend money on hiring these professionals, their help was exponentially beneficial because they helped him to restore his business.

Are You Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level?

Receiving advice and guidance from professionals who have experienced the same struggles that you have, and have successfully overcome them, is extremely valuable. A coach has the expertise to help you identify the problems and provide actionable steps to help you achieve your business goals.

No matter whether you’re the CEO of a well-established company or starting up a small business, having a coach in your corner will ensure your business goes from strength to strength.

If you’d like to know more about this, the Marketing Catalyst provides online or in person business coaching for all types of business professionals. Contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance.