I Can Feed Your Fish .. Or I Can Teach You How to Fish

Are you someone who likes figuring things out by yourself, or do you prefer others to do the thinking?

Each has its benefits and downsides. Having others do the thinking for you lets you have more time for yourself and perhaps even enjoy life more. When others do the heavy lifting, you can sit back, relax, and do whatever you please.

Doing things yourself is a thorny road; it requires patience and perseverance. It requires you to be the one who does the heavy lifting to achieve your goal or grow your business.

But which one is more effective and efficient in the long run? Which one helps you grow and evolve, and which one keeps you in the same place?

While we don’t judge anyone who chooses to sit back and relax, throughout our experience, we’ve realized that being knowledgeable and self-sufficient is always the best option in the long run.

So if you’re a business owner who’s looking for a way to improve their business and marketing efforts and wants to learn best practices, then this article is for you. Here’s how this logic ties into marketing.

Why You Should Apply This Logic to Marketing

The world of marketing is limitless. As technology is being developed, new ways and marketing strategies are being invented accordingly.

It is easy to look at massive companies and think how everything is easier for them. They have all the funding in this world, and it’s no wonder how their marketing is so good. You probably want the same for your business, but you’re not on that level yet.

Now, imagine this situation — your business is thriving. You have a lot of investors and a lot of external funding. Because you weren’t proficient in marketing, you’ve hired many different experts to help you out. The costs were quite high, but you didn’t care – the money supply seemed endless.

And then boom. Something happens, and your business is suddenly struggling. You want to keep the boat afloat, but you can’t afford those affluent experts anymore. Investors dropped out. You’ve invested your life savings into this business, and now you’re all alone with no knowledge or tools on how to turn things around. What will you do?

Then you remember the choice you had initially – you could invest more time in educating yourself about all aspects of your operations, including marketing, or you could’ve spent that time basking in the sun in Ibiza.

If you were patient and chose to evolve to become a full-rounded entrepreneur, you’d know which steps to take to try to save your business. Once your business boomed, you could’ve hired the experts to do the heavy lifting for you because that’s smart. Until then, you could’ve saved the money and invested it in your own development because, in the end, you’re the only person whom you can rely on unconditionally.

As a responsible and result-driven business owner, you should always rely on your knowledge first. You may not be interested in marketing, but you should know how to navigate it because it’s an unavoidable part of your daily operations.

That’s why you should hire an expert, like a digital marketing coach, who will give you all the tools and knowledge, but also teach you how to do the difficult things on your own. They won’t put a band-aid on a problem. Instead, they will guide you and let you fix it yourself.

We Can Help

So, if you’re on the lookout for marketing support, MarketingCatalyst is here to help you out. We don’t offer one-click solutions. Instead, we work closely with you to dissect your business and find what works best. We teach you the best practices while letting you take the wheel.

As a marketing coach, I am here to offer support until you’re ready to excel at marketing independently.

If this is something that you’re looking for, book your first consultation call with us, and let’s find the best way to help your business grow.