SEO and Instagram: A Creative Marketing Agency in Adelaide Tells All

Instagram SEO doesn’t have to be scary. Utilising SEO in your Instagram can help make your Instagram more searchable by leads. Optimising your Instagram account by using SEO can help get more eyes on your business.

SEO and Instagram are the perfect combination for achieving organic growth on the platform. Today, a premier creative marketing agency in Adelaide is spilling all the tricks you need to know to optimise your SEO for Instagram.

Think Like A Customer:

The best way to decide what search terms your Instagram page should include is to get into the mind of your customer. How are they searching for your brand?                                                                    

Keywords are pivotal in ensuring Instagram places your business in front of your dream audience. Write down a list of search terms you would use to find your brand. Pick out the three you feel most resonate with your brand identity and make sure to use them in your name and bio on Instagram.

By doing this, it’ll make it easier for customers to search for your brand. For example, if you are a brand that creates unique soap, having ‘HANDMADE SOAP AUS’ in your name or bio means leads will find you.

Once you have your suspicions you need to research your keywords and back them up with facts. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to see the levels of competition and searches a keyword has. Try to prioritise using keywords that are searched often and have lower competition to help get seen.

Strategic Keywords:

Once you have narrowed down your keywords, it’s time to smartly use them on your Instagram. The best place to put your keywords is in your Instagram handle. However, if you can’t fit it here, the next best place is to put it in your name.

For example, if you’re a marketer, you can add something about writing in your handle like: @rebeccamarketeradelaide. Or, you can change your name on Instagram to ‘Rebecca | Adelaide Marketer.’ Both of these will make it easier to search for your brand.

Your bio should be a snapshot of your business. Limited in characters, it’s important to be concise, but if you can throw your keywords in here as well, great. At the very least, make sure your primary keyword is in your bio.

The Instagram algorithm likes to promote optimised accounts when users search. This is because they know these accounts fit what the user is expecting. Missing out on keywords will lead you to get lost in your competition, so including them is pivotal.

Optimising Your Posts:

Long-form captions are proven to be more engaging than short-form. We know that by taking the time to write engaging captions, users are more likely to interact with your post. However, Instagram also scans these captions looking for keywords.

If you are able to include your primary and secondary keywords in your captions, Insta- gram is likely to recommend your account when users search. Using buzzwords in your copy helps make your profile more discoverable.

Instagram also allows you to add alt text to your images. This is a good way to improve your Instagram SEO. Always include your primary keywords and any affiliated buzz search terms to ensure you’re maximising the visibility of your content. Make sure to describe your image well, as this is what makes alt text effective.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram is a great way to earn organic growth for your brand. By incorporating these key SEO strategies into your Instagram, you will ensure that your brand is more visible to consumers.

Instagram SEO is important to consider in your marketing strategy. It helps leads find your content with ease, and can reduce the risk of you getting lost in your competition. Today, a creative marketing agency in Adelaide shared all the insider tips you need to create a winning SEO strategy on Instagram. By following these tips, you are well on your way to improving your visibility on Instagram.

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