The Metaverse: The Future of Social Media?

What is metaverse?

Have you ever imagined a world or virtual space where people could live, work, and interact with each other, while still staying in the physical world? That’s exactly what Metaverse does.

It’s a combination of virtual and mixed reality that can be accessed through devices like browsers/headsets, so you can have real-time interactions and experiences even in a virtual space. With time, this Metaverse is said to dominate the world and bring together the familiar elements of social media.

This will also ensure better collaboration, live events, and commerce (in social media) that are VR/AR based. With all this, a common question comes to people’s minds, and that is whether Metaverse will be the future of social media or not.

Well, indeed, it will be. Let’s find out more about it here:


Is Metaverse the Future of Social Media?

If we talk about social media platforms, some of the most common ones are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also, you can count on popular video hosting platforms like Tiktok. Each of these handles has gained public recognition for different reasons. But all of them are ideal for both fun and marketing purposes.

However, whether it’s the public, the developers, or the marketing professionals of the digital advertising agency Adelaide, everyone will need something innovative and extraordinary in social media in the coming future. The world will be changing and transforming through better technological innovation, after all, and social media platforms will have to step beyond their traditional services. So, in that case, Metaverse will turn out to be a useful technology.

As mentioned earlier, if social media adds Metaverse to its features, it will offer new experiences to users in several sectors, including AR/VR-induced live events and collaboration.

However, it’s still a long way before that happens. Metaverse is conceptual, and a lot of its technologies are still in the seed stage, so it wouldn’t be easier or quicker, as one may imagine. But it will surely be a part of social media in the future.

Social media has dominated our lives for 20 years and counting. Whether it’s communication, transaction, or sharing interests, social media platforms are used for several purposes. But it will require a new line of features to become more innovative and advanced. And Metaverse could be that innovation.

Ofcourse, like any other technological innovation, Metaverse has some security breaches and privacy concerns. This will require extra attention from the expert.


How Will Metaverse Change Social Media?

Metaverse will be a useful technology for businesses that want to advertise and promote their products and services through unique digital marketing trends. Many popular brands like Nike and Mcdonald’s have stepped into the digital world through NFTs, and several others are likely to use the diverse Metaverse functionality. All in All, Web3 will bring more hype and brand recognition to customers in the near future.

Also, Metaverse will have Augmented Reality or AR, that will overlay computer graphics in the real world through phone/glasses. It will give a better experience to the users/Adelaide marketing firms and make social media interactions more innovative.

Lastly, Metaverse will offer an immersive social media experience by integrating gaming, productivity, and eCommerce all together. It will have extended reality, or XR, to mark users’ presence and ensure that things are connected to the real world.

A reliable advertising agency in Adelaide should now accept that social media platforms in Metaverse will offer more interactive and immersive experiences that stimulate the human senses. It wouldn’t just be a page that lets you connect through 2D, but it will also be a digital marketing practice that’s certainly a lot more than that.

Users will be able to interact and talk with their social media friends in a virtual environment. Such an environment will have lights, sounds, and even a sense of touch and smell, so it doesn’t seem different from the real world.

Metaverse will offer users an experience that’s beyond texting and audio/video calling. It will allow people to keep in touch or walk hand-in-hand in a virtual environment as they would (otherwise) in the real world.


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