Web Presence Analysis: Tracking Your Business Visibility Online

website analysis

You have a great website with impressive visuals and intuitive functionality. But is it driving expected results? Are you reaching your target audience and getting enough traffic to your site? Is your website really doing well online?

That’s when web presence analysis enters. You must always choose a digital advertising agency in Adelaide that offers web presence analysis of your website as a part of their service. It helps understand how your brand is perceived online and helps identify new opportunities to engage your prospects.

What is a Web Presence Analysis?

As mentioned above, a web presence analysis helps determine how your business is perceived online when people search for your offerings. It helps understand:

  • Is your business findable online?
  • Where does your business stand in the competition?
  • Is your brand consistent across all online channels you’re using?
  • What is your brand reputation among customers and prospects?
  • Does your content relate to your target audience?
  • Is it easy to discover and contact you?

Undoubtedly, the internet is a great place to grow your business. But if you don’t track your online presence, you’re working towards no direction. You don’t know where you stand or if your efforts are worthwhile. For example, if someone leaves negative reviews for you, it’s obviously bad for your brand’s reputation. The same goes true for all channels your business is present on.

In the end, you’ve to discover all your business mentions to see how you’re viewed. Accordingly, you can make efforts to improve your brand reputation.

How to Perform a Web Presence Analysis

All leading Adelaide marketing firms keep you informed of how your business is performing online. Still, it’s worth taking time to educate yourself on what it entails. So, let’s get started:

Leverage Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the most useful and insightful reputation management tools available. Simply choose specific keywords, and Google will send alerts whenever those keywords appear in content online. So, you can track your business name and other information to know how your business is doing.

With Google Alerts, you can find the following information:

  • News sources
  • Review sites
  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs

Keyword Analysis

What keyword phrases do people use to find your business? You determine this with keyword research, which sets a base for all your marketing activities. There are lots of free and premium tools for keyword research.

Website Search Engine Visibility

Now that you’ve your keywords, you’ve to see how your website ranks for those keywords in search engines. Again, you can use tools for this purpose, which you can regularly use to track how your business is rising in the ranks.

Website Structure Analysis

Ask your digital advertising agency in Adelaide to look for things including:

  • Does your website have an SSL certificate?
  • Is your website responsive and mobile-friendly?
  • Are you using the right keywords within your content and page URLs?
  • Have you submitted your website’s XML sitemap to Google Search Console?
  • Does your website load quickly?
  • Is your website user-friendly?

Content Optimization and Management

Are you writing content that relates to your target audience and is properly indexed by search engines?

Content is critical for a solid inbound marketing strategy. So, write content that:

  • Is unique
  • Provides value
  • Educates
  • Solves a problem

Use internal links meaningfully within your content to make readers visit other relevant pages on your website. Every piece of content should have all on-page SEO elements to get indexed properly. You can opt for a content marketing agency for this.

Social Media Analysis

Evaluating your social media presence is about message communication and brand consistency across all platforms. So, make sure you:

  • Have a complete social media profile with consistent information
  • Communicate the same message to the same audience
  • Link to your website and other profiles to gain maximum visibility

In this way, you’ll be able to establish a consistent brand image across all social media channels. Also, analyse your Facebook ad results and the same on other platforms.

Competition Analysis

How well are you doing in comparison with your competitors? This is what you can determine with competition analysis.

Visit your competitors’ websites and social media profiles to see what they do, their brand consistency, and their keyword usage. Figure out the following:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors?
  • Are they branded more consistently on social media?
  • Are their messages more relevant to the target audience than yours?

With this information, you can channel your marketing efforts in the right direction. As mentioned above, there are many free and paid tools to analyze your web presence.

But it always helps to hire an expert advertising agency in Adelaide who have the skills and tools to do the needful for your business. Plus, you’ll benefit from their experience and expertise in the area. If you’re also looking for experts in web presence analysis, feel free to contact Marketing Catalyst now.