Why Understanding Human Psychology is The Core of a Successful Marketing Strategy

In order to market your products or services, you first need to build a connection with your audience. To build that connection, you’ve to understand their psychology – their motivation, behaviour and perception. This would ultimately impact their buying decision in your favour.

Marketing is the art of building and nurturing relationships with your audience. By doing this, you want to build your brand awareness and loyalty.

But you can engage your audience only if you can relate to them. So, being a marketer, your goal should be to create a message that triggers emotions, pushing your audience to take the intended action. Buy a product, visit a place, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

For this purpose, you need to define your buyer persona(s), which is the foundation of every marketing campaign or strategy. And, to define your buyer persona correctly, you need to understand human psychology or their behaviour towards your offerings.

Let’s understand the connection between marketing and psychology in more detail: 

How is Marketing Connected to Psychology?

Marketers use psychologically-based observations (related to human behaviour) while dealing with customers. It’s an effective strategy to communicate with potential customers and boost the conversion rate in the coming times.

The more you convince your customer through emotional appeal, the longer they will stay connected with your brand. This psychology used in marketing is called marketing psychology.

Put simply, it anticipates buyer behaviour with an in-depth understanding of cognitive biases. As a consumer’s buying decisions are driven by these biases, they can largely benefit a business/brand.


Marketing Strategies that Include Psychology

Psychology is practised by a large number of marketing professionals worldwide. Here are some popular ones:


Emotional Marketing Campaigns

As per Forbes, emotion has become a super weapon in the marketing and advertising industry. Several companies dealing as a marketing consultant in Adelaide are creating campaigns that target the emotional human experience. It stimulates the consumers to purchase a product through emotional connection.

For example, you must have watched car advertisements. How the brand advertises the car through a consumer’s psychological needs. It shows how the car would benefit the user and make their lives more comfortable. This instant emotional-connect can convert an audience/onlookers into buyers!


Social Proof

Social proof shows how people copy the actions of others to emulate their behaviour. Put simply, it’s when people assume others’ actions to reflect correct behaviour in any situation.

A classic example of social proof is when an influencer recommends your products on their social media account. When an influencer suggests your product to their followers, they get the instinct that the product must be worth it. This advertisement, in return, can boost your brand image and increase sales.

Alternatively, you can add social share buttons on your blogs to show a large number of followers/shares.

If the numbers are good, it may encourage the readers to share or follow your social media page. To add social buttons to your blog pages, you can connect with a good marketing agency in Adelaide for professional services.   

Moreover, to boost your social media presence, you must work on high-quality social media content and regular updates.


Decoy Effect

The decoy effect influences you to choose without knowing. It is followed by several marketers, and you must have faced it too. The decoy effect is a process where customers change their buying preferences of two options once they see the third option that is asymmetrically dominated.

Suppose you are selling three types of popcorn, i.e. medium for $7 dollars, large for $10 dollars, and ultra-large for $10.50. Here, medium popcorn acts as a competitor, large popcorn is a decoy, and ultra-large popcorn is the target.

When a customer looks at these rates, they see the decoy option (medium popcorn) and consider the target (ultra-large popcorn). It makes them think that they are making the right decision, but in reality, it’s a way to increase the profit margins of a business.


Limited Offers and Scarcity

Scarcity marketing encourages customers to buy a product before the offer ends. In this digital marketing strategy, marketers implement time on sales/promotions of a product by reducing the number of stock items. When that happens, customers become curious to try out the rare opportunity. They consider it to be more valuable for its scarcity.

This psychological strategy is applied by several professionals, including a marketing agency in Adelaide to boost product sales.


Improve Your Brand Name with Psychology Marketing

We hope now you know how psychology plays a crucial role in marketing. If you want your brand to grow through the right psychological strategies, get a consultation from an expert marketing consultant in Adelaide. It will sway buyers to view your products and brand positively.