Google AdWords Insider Tips from an Adelaide Marketing Agency

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Google AdWords tips you can start using today

There are tons of Google AdWords tips floating around, but we’ve worked to come up with a shortlist of the most important tips. To ensure you don’t waste money or lose out on potential leads, Marketing Catalyst, one of Adelaide’s leading marketing agencies, has put together five simple tips you can implement starting today.

Create landing pages that will get you a sale, not just a click

You need to create solid landing pages, otherwise you won’t make the sale. These are some ways you can create winning landing pages:

  • Create a killer headline
  • Incorporate a good tagline
  • Feature copy that builds trust, explains benefits, and uses a call to action

Choose keyword match types wisely

There are different types of keyword matches you can select for Google AdWords. The four types are Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, and Exact Match. Choosing which keyword match will suit you best is not one size fits all. Make sure you consider which type will be most beneficial.

You can optimise for negative keywords – and you should

Negative keywords are keywords you don’t want to bid for. Optimising for negative keywords can save time, money, and increase your ROI. If you’re tight on time, WordStream’s Negative Keyword Tool can generate a list of negative keywords you can take a look at.

Remove duplicate keywords so you don’t compete against yourself

We often come across clients who haven’t realised they’re battling against themselves. When you have duplicate keywords, you’re going to run into the issue of competing against yourself, which is always a losing battle. Duplicating keywords won’t increase your odds, so make sure to check that you aren’t using duplicate keywords.

Work with an experienced Adelaide marketing agency

Marketing Catalyst is a marketing agency based in Adelaide with experience growing sales and building brands. If you’re struggling to increase sales organically, we can help you with paid advertisements or Google AdWords.

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