Adelaide Marketing Agency Reveals 4 Email Marketing Secrets

Adelaide marketing agency

Adelaide marketing agency reveals top email marketing secrets

Have you been wondering how you can amp up your email marketing campaign? Are you struggling to get the results you want? Adelaide marketing agency, Marketing Catalyst, has put together a list of some of the best ways to create an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Segmenting is key

Different clients or customers will have different interests. This is why it’s important to segment your customers. You shouldn’t be sending everyone the same email. Instead, you can tailor emails based on factors including:

  • Potential or existing customers
  • Services or products they’re interested in
  • Demographics

2. Generating a mailing list doesn’t have to be hard

One of the most time consuming parts of email marketing is creating a mailing list. But there are a lot of easy ways you can generate a mailing list with minimal effort involved. One of the best ways to do this is to capture email addresses on your website. You can do this by offering valuable information when individuals sign up.

3. Creating a survey can be helpful

If you’re wondering how to get more information about what your readers are looking for, creating a survey could be a wonderful option. You can incentivise clients and customers to participate in the survey by offering a giveaway or promotion.

4. There are analytic tools available

Check to see how well your email marketing campaign is going. You can click your click through rate (CTR) to see if what percentage of your subscribers are actually looking at the information you’re sending them.

You can always outsource your email marketing campaigns

You don’t have to do it all. If you want to hire an expert, you can check out Marketing Catalyst, one of the leading marketing agencies in Adelaide. We focus on evidence-based marketing advice and will work with you to create campaigns that will work.

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