5 Actionable Social Media Tips from an Adelaide Marketing Agency

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The importance of social media for any business

Social media isn’t just for tech savvy businesses or companies with ‘post-worthy’ content. Every company should have a social media presence. It helps build credibility, SEO, keep your target audience informed, and generate new leads. Marketing Catalyst, one of the leading marketing agencies in Adelaide, has put together a list of five actionable social media tips you can start using today.

1. Choose the right platforms

You probably don’t need to use every platform for your business. This handy list will help you figure out which platforms are best for you:

  • Choose Instagram if you post highly-visual content or want to target a younger demographic
  • Use LinkedIn if you’re a thought leader and want to make B2B connections
  • Choose Facebook if you are looking for great analytics and the use of effective paid ads
  • Consider using Twitter if you spend a lot of time interacting with customers

2. Be active on social media

It’s not enough just to have social media platforms. They have to look good and be kept up to date. Try to post up to once a day on Facebook or LinkedIn, and a few times a day on Instagram and Twitter. You can schedule posts in advance with different software programs.

3. Optimise your social media

There are a handful of ways you can optimise your social media. Some of the best ways to start include:

  • Updating your company profile and photos
  • Doing keyword research to find out what your target audience is interested in
  • Optimising your content
  • Linking back to your website to generate more traffic

4. Be responsive

Sometimes customers or clients will reach out to you through social media. Be sure to respond as quickly as you can. This builds credibility and trust between you and your audience. When you get reviews, it is important to respond wherever appropriate, whether the review is positive or negative.

5. Integrate social media with your website

If you want your customers to easily find your social media pages, make sure you include social media buttons on your website. And if you want your customers to find your website, be sure to include the link on social media pages. SMO and SEO can work together to help you build your brand.

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