Adelaide Marketing Agency Reveals 5 SEO Secrets

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Why you need good SEO

In the digital age, it’s absolutely vital to have a good grasp of SEO. Having a beautiful website or successful brick-and-mortar store just doesn’t cut it anymore. Users trust search engines. Marketing Catalyst, a leading Adelaide marketing agency, has put together a list of five go-to SEO secrets that will help any business start ranking higher.

Ranking well on Google lets potential customers or clients know that you’re a credible and trustworthy business who they can rely on. Leading SEO experts suggest that as many as 90% of clicks are made on the first page of search results. Improving your SEO can feel like a daunting task, but you can follow these five easy steps to start ranking higher today.

1. Four simple ways to optimise your website content

Optimising your website content is a basic first step anyone can start with. If you’re looking for some easy ways to start making your website copy SEO-friendly, you can:

  • Aim to have at least 300 words on each page
  • Focus on your users and what they want to read
  • Ensure you’re not using any duplicate content
  • Pick effective keywords

2. Choosing good keywords is a must

Everyone talks about keywords, but no one talks about how to choose keywords. Choosing keywords combines your goals with what your target audience wants. In general, you’ll want to:

  • Use a mixture of short phrases (head keywords) and longer, more detailed keywords (long-tailed keywords)
  • Use keyword generators like Moz or Wordstream to help you choose words
  • Check out your competition to help you better tailor your keywords

3. You need to start building off-page SEO

What you do off your website matters, too. Two key aspects of off-page SEO include Google My Business and social media. You’ll want to make sure your social media pages are updated frequently and that you’re engaging with your followers.

In addition to optimising your social media, Google My Business is a valuable tool. Your ratings help with local SEO. The better your reviews, the more likely you’ll rank on the first page for local business searches.

4. Updating your content frequently is key

You can’t just create a website or social media account and leave it alone. Customers want to see new content and so do search engines. You should create a goal to post new content on your blog at least twice a month, but once a week is even better.

The ideal number of updates varies across social media platforms, but a good rule of thumb would be to post up to once a day on Facebook, a couple times a day on Instagram, up to once a day on LinkedIn, and a few times a day on twitter.

5. Your website won’t rank if it isn’t ‘crawlable’

Search engines can’t read your website unless it’s functional. Make sure there are no broken pages or other issues that would prevent your website from being crawled. If a website is slow to load or has broken pages, you’ll rank lower.

If you’re having technical issues like slow load times or incorrect formatting of web pages, a website designer should be able to fix these. It’s important to make sure you’re staying top of any issues that might be keeping your website from being seen by Google.

Hire a leading Adelaide marketing agency to help you rank

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