Adelaide Digital Agency Reveals Why Google Ads Are Important

Why Google Ads Are Important

Google is an undeniable force in the world of online media and marketing. The sheer amount of daily searches that take place on Google Search is astounding (over 5.6 billion a day!) and the amount of advertising dollars poured into their various advertising avenues is just as impressive.

If you are a business – big or small, it doesn’t matter – then Google Ads are a great way to increase revenue and sales, no matter what type of industry or niche you are in.

What is Google Ads?

As the name suggests, Google Ads is simply Google’s advertising platform.

Google Ads allow you to run ‘PPC’ ads, which means pay-per-click… you pay every time a user clicks your ad.

The amount it costs per click depends entirely on your competition, where the user is from, among other factors.

You can set daily limits to ensure you don’t have costs that exceed your marketing budget.

Why Google Ads? (Main Benefits)

There are so many platforms for online advertising these days that it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time or not.

When it comes to Google Ads, there are certain benefits over other digital marketing mediums.

These benefits include:

Massive Reach

It would be pointless to start a list of Google marketing benefits without first mentioning the reach that is available to businesses via Google Ads.

As we mentioned previously, there are over 5 billion Google Searches a day.

Not only that, but Google made approximately $162 billion in 2019… and most of it came from Google Ads.

The reason they make so much money is due to the power of PPC ads and Google Ads as a whole – if you hope to compete with other businesses in your industry and increase your online presence, this is a great medium to help do so.

Laser Targeting

Advertisers pour money into platforms like Facebook and Google because the targeting capabilities are unmatched.

You can target users depending on how familiar they are with your brand, such as re-targeting them after they have interacted with a specific landing page but did not buy.

You can advertise to specific locations, age ranges, languages, and even yearly income – there are plenty of options that allow you to laser-target to users that will benefit most from your advertising, leading to more sales and more efficient ad spend.

Search Intent

The ability to identify search intent and show your ads to only those that align with your advertising is a major benefit of PPC ads as a whole.

With Google Ads, you can bid on certain keywords that show buyers intent.

For example, there is a difference between a search of ‘online advertising’ or ‘best online advertising agency Adelaide’.

With the former, the user is searching for general knowledge – with the latter, you know the user is looking for your service, and you can make sure your advertising is shown only to users with the right search intent that will more likely lead to them engaging with your ads and your business.

Great ROI

At the end of the day, what matters most to the success of your business is sales and revenue.

With the right strategy and execution, Google Ads can have fantastic ROI for your businesses’ marketing efforts.

Assuming you are willing to test various techniques and continue optimizing your Google Ad campaigns, these can result in great revenue for your business.

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