Mobile/SMS Marketing Is the Future: Advertising Agency Adelaide Explains

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SMS/mobile marketing is quickly becoming a majorly effective medium for advertising – if you have yet to incorporate mobile advertising into your marketing plan, then 2021 is the year to do so.

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is advertising that is done via text messages.

Text messages are one of the most direct communication methods in the modern era – when this is utilized by businesses it can result in great profits and increased revenue.

One of the reasons SMS marketing is so powerful is because most people read every text message that they receive. The same is not true for other marketing channels… for example, no one reads every promotional email they receive and not every single follower of yours on Instagram will see all of your posts.

SMS marketing is similar to email marketing in that you can send mass ‘blasts’ out to those on your ‘list’. Users have the ability to click links and even respond.

Due to the nature of text messaging, it is best reserved for time-sensitive and urgent information. You cannot write out 1000-word messages the same way you can with email marketing.

There are many ways in which a SMS marketing relationship between business and consumer can begin, but it typically starts when a user ‘opts-in’ to receive news from your company or they buy a product or service from you and they are then added to your list.

Users are able to opt-out of messages at any time.

We Live In A Digital Age

Like it or not, we are living in a time where anyone and everyone has a cell phone. Mobile apps have emerged as an immensely popular revenue source for advertisers and online businesses alike, yet SMS marketing is largely ignored by many companies.

A study in 2019 revealed that 81% of adults in the US own smartphones – and this number continues to rise year by year.

Considering how essential smartphones are becoming and how much time is spent on them, we can confidently declare that SMS marketing will only become more effective as a marketing method.

SMS Marketing Myths

Various myths about SMS marketing prevent businesses from incorporating this method into their advertising campaigns.

Such myths include:

  • It’s only for young people (over 95% of Americans own a cell phone – and you don’t need a smartphone to be on the receiving end of SMS marketing)
  • It doesn’t work (text messages have a 98% open rate!)
  • It’s expensive to advertise with (because you don’t need graphics or long messages, you don’t need graphic designers or copywriters to write your SMS promotions)
  • It’s too spammy (this depends on how you use SMS marketing – as long as you don’t message too often and make your messages important, you will be welcome)
  • It’s only for large corporations (any business can get involved with SMS marketing, there are no barriers to entry)

Main Benefits

SMS marketing has countless benefits and few downsides.

Some of the main benefits of mobile/SMS marketing include:

  • Very quick and efficient
  • Users are free to opt-out
  • Compared to other advertising sources, SMS marketing is inexpensive
  • Allows for direct communication
  • High open rates
  • Not everyone has social media, but most people have a phone

Get Help With SMS Marketing

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