The Inside Word Series: Ruminations from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 1

Debunking 3 Myths on Advertising

Advertising can be a tricky business and evoke a range of strong emotions and views. This largely because advertising has so many variables and the level of effectiveness can vary significantly from campaign to campaign. The variables include the the medium chosen including online display, search, TV, print, radio, Facebook or even database marketing via mobile or email. The medium is one, the message is another. Is it creative enough to cut through the clutter and get attention? Are you products competitively priced? Are they any bonuses for making a purchase now? So, we thought we would run a series of blogs entitled “The Inside Word: Ruminations from an Adelaide Advertising agency”, to give our readers some insights and tips from the coalface to assist in making your next advertising campaign or selection of an advertising agency, much easier and more successful.

It has even been around long enough for some people, even a few business owners, to kind of start getting a few wrong ideas about advertising. While we could not control what people might think about advertising, we can help educate and debunk a few of these misunderstandings.

Thus, here are a few of these so-called ‘advertising myths’ we are straightening out for you.

Myth #1 – You Cannot Afford Advertising

When you own a business it is all about trying to make a name for that particular business, and you can only do that through some form of advertising effort. To say that you cannot afford advertising can also mean you cannot afford to grow, expand or even maintain your business.

The question is: can you afford not to advertise?

Myth #2 – Your Customers Want a Conversation

Although many digital marketing or advertising efforts would recommend you engage with your customers or clientele, sometimes you need to do more than being a little chatty. Most of the time customers just need a solution in line with traditional consumer behaviour laws – a good product that does what it is meant to, sold at reasonable price and delivered with a smile.

Never forget why you started your business in the first place and the type of people you are servicing, and always make sure that this is present in your messaging.

Myth #3 – Customers Are Always Interested in What Businesses Have to Say

In a way related to Myth #2, some people would automatically assume that their customers would hang on every word they say. However, in reality, that is far from the truth.

Customers are, to put it frankly, only interested in themselves. The only reason they would be interested in something else other than themselves is if that other thing would directly benefit them and give them what they want.

The moment you make it all about you, your product or your service instead of all about the customer, people will lose interest in you fast.

Debunk More Myths with an Advertising Agency in Adelaide

You might have your own opinions or thoughts on advertising you are not sure are myths or truths, or you might want to start giving advertising a go to see if it will truly do something good for your business. Either way, we are more than happy to help you find out more truths about advertising, or get you started with an effective plan.

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