Tips for Google Adwords Advertising Campaigns in Adelaide

If you have ever done AdWords advertising for your Adelaide business, you know that it is way different from organic marketing tactics like SEO. Aside from how this is a paid feature, how you collect and analyse the data from this is on a whole new level of search engine marketing tactics.

In fact, regularly checking your data or metrics is the core of AdWords if you want to get to the level of earning more than you spend on AdWords. It is only through regular data analyses or audits will you be able to eventually end up with an effective strategy that is raking in dollars.

That being said, how do you properly do an AdWords audit or what critical areas should you look out for?

Below are a few examples.

An Updated AdWords is a Money-Making AdWords

If you think search engines change algorithms too often, AdWords has periodic and often incredibly quick ones. In fact, different features of AdWords from the editor to the scripts can experience updates every week.

With so much of those updates going on, you can easily fall behind a competitor if you are missing out. That is why catching up is crucial if you want to stay on top of your game.

However, when you do your audits, it does not necessarily mean you have to manually go over the whole of AdWords to check for updates. One of the best ways to keep posted is to subscribe to AdWords-related newsletters and blogs, the main one being Inside AdWords.

Proper Conversion Tracking

Conversions, from the term itself, determine the number of people who have purchased a product, subscribed, enquired, etc. through your ad. When you want to properly track your conversions and see if they are legit, you have to look past the actual number that Google AdWords is recording in its dashboard.

You need to find out where those numbers are coming from and determine what sort of conversions they are. When you know where these users are landing and where these conversions are coming from, you will be able to assess if there is anything wrong with your user or customer’s site journey.

Essentially, if your conversions are coming from a Confirmation or Thank You page, then you are on the right track and you are getting legit conversions. However, if these conversions are coming from Information or Main Pages, and unless you only want to track Page Views, you need to do something.

Check How Your Keywords Are Performing

Another crucial factor in the success of Google AdWords, your keywords are a user’s first doorway to your business. In AdWords you do not stick to the same group of keywords for the entire campaign, as you would often find yourself removing or adding new keywords that may perform better than the last.

When checking your keywords it is important to check its Quality Score, Clicks and Conversions, among other metrics revolving around keywords. These will help you determine if a keyword is worth keeping, or if it is going to give you a run for your money.

Your goal when it comes to keywords is to find one that is getting the ideal number of clicks and conversions, yet is not that expensive to run an ad on. That perfect combination is what is going to give you exceptional ROI.

Hire Google AdWords Advertising Experts in Adelaide

All the numbers and metrics you have to face may be a little intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it eventually becomes something like a second nature. However, if you have not got the time to devote your attention to Google AdWords, we have people who can help.

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