Emarketing Tactics for Your Adelaide Business

Email marketing is here to stay. It is critical to deploy effective marketing marketing tactics for your Adelaide business. Email marketing is a cost effective way to generate sales from existing clients and to nurture client prospects who are not ready to buy today. Email marketing is a also a great way of keeping in touch with previous clients and gently reminding them of the products or services your business offers. Remember, customers might think you only offer products and/or services around what they purchased from you, when in fact your range is significantly broader than what they purchased.

Email marketing has many different components which lead to the success or otherwise of your campaigns. For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus on metric of open rates – ie what % of your audience opens your email campaigns.

Subject Line

Undoubtedly, capturing attention via the subject line of the email is a critical first step in having a successful emailing marketing campaign. Although one of the most basic elements in email marketing, it is also the most crucial.

You have probably seen for yourself how a subject line can take an effect on you. If it is boring, you may have just ignored or even deleted it, but what about those emails you have actually opened? What do you think was so special about them?

The latter kind of effect is something you want out of your recipients. To get you started, here are three examples of email subject lines which have been proven to be effective in terms of email open rates, especially for cold emails.

#1 – I Have a Question

When a friend suddenly comes up to you and says ‘hey, I have a question for you’, our natural reaction would be to have their full attention turned to that friend. We wonder what in the world they are going to ask, we get a little apprehensive, but most of all, we are curious about the question and feel compelled to answer even before he says it.

The same concept works in an email subject you would send to warm or cold leads. Recipients see this email in their inbox and this triggers their curiosity for knowing the intention of this email – and thus, an email is opened.

#2 – Cutting to the Chase

Short, sweet and straight-to-the-point. Skip decorative words that are not entirely necessary and stick to the main idea of your email. Always remember that this is your email subject, and not (yet) the email itself.

A no-nonsense subject line that gives just the right idea can do wonders for your email open rates. Thus, remember to not give too less that the recipient may have no idea at all what you are talking about, but do not give too much that it makes the subject line too lengthy and boring to read.

#3 – One-Word

If you want to go up a level from email subject type #2, then give one-word email subjects a try. Yes, just one word. Sometimes it is all it takes to entice more qualified leads or people who are truly interested in you.

Admittedly, this can be highly unconventional, but then this is where you can discover the fun of testing. Give it a go! You will never know how effective just one word can be if you do not try it.

More Email Marketing Tactics for Your Adelaide Business

These are only mere examples of the many email subject lines you can test out, and that is only the beginning. Of course, after the subject, there is the email itself, its design and your lead generation strategy to worry about.

However, this does not need to be a subject of worry for you, even if you are just starting out. You can take comfort in the fact that there are agencies that specialise in this matter, and that includes us.

If you would like to setup a consultation with us, you can call us at 1300 733 255 or email us at info@marketingcatalyst.com.au.

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