Adelaide-Based Businesses Need to have Social Media Presence

Social Media Marketing
You know your business needs to have a social media presence, right? With over 16 million Facebook users, 14.8 million YouTube users and 5 million Instagram users in Australia today, there is no doubt your customers are extremely active on social media, but are you?

Why use social media?

Online marketing agencies in Adelaide will advise you to regularly engage with your customer base on social media. Here are some reasons why:

  • Social media marketing can increase brand recognition and can help you engage with a wider audience
  • You will reach outside of your loyal customer base and tap into a new set of customers
  • Each of your social media profiles is a gateway for your website
  • Every post, video or image you upload to your profiles can help increase your conversions
  • You create a voice for your company which interacts with your customers, increasing brand recognition and retention
  • One-on-one engagement with customers increases brand loyalty
  • You gain valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and actions
  • For the amount you gain, social media marketing can be an extremely cost efficient part of your advertising strategy

Developing and maintaining a social presence requires dedication, hard work, and out-of-the-box thinking. It is not only important to stay one step ahead of your competitors but also your target audience. Creating brilliant posts across major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more, replying to messages, responding to shout-outs, dealing with negative publicity, providing practical insights into user behaviour are just some of the things we do.

At Marketing Catalyst, Adelaide, our dedicated social media marketing team can help you find your voice in a community that demands engagement, entertainment and rewards. Most importantly, with marketing strategies that are highly relevant and measurable, you’ll see more conversions and a greater ROI on your social media budget.

Developing Your Social Media Strategy the Right Way

Developing the right social media strategy is important because these platforms directly interface with your target audience, but Marketing Catalyst can help develop and implement an ironclad Social Media Marketing plan.

1. Set A Goal for Your Social Media Strategy

What would you like to achieve out of your social media marketing efforts? Look at your company’s objectives and set a business goal for your social media strategy. For e.g. your objective could be to increase leads for your business.

2. Set Specific Objectives for Social Media

A goal would be the general direction you want your social media strategy to head towards and the objectives can help you define the specifics of how to achieve them. Make sure your goals and objectives are SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Continuing with the example given above, you objective might be to increase the leads generated by your company by 20% over the next quarter. Read more about our advice for goal setting here.

3. Identify your audience

Identify your target customer according to their age, occupation, interests, pain areas, problems and behaviours. Segmenting your audience helps target them with the right content using the social media channel they are most active on. This ensures a focussed approach with a consistent messaging structure.

Marketing Catalyst is one of the preferred advertising agencies in Adelaide. With our vast experience, we can help you set specific social media objectives aligned with your business goals. Our curated marketing plans help your brand put its best foot forward leading to brand loyalty converting to real time business.

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