Use Mobile Marketing to Engage Adelaide Consumers

Mobile Marketing

Use mobile marketing to engage Adelaide consumers. Mobile phones and mobile internet devices are an increasingly important feature of Australia’s communication landscape. These days, everyone is either on the phone or has it close by. Hence, mobile marketing is a powerful tool and should be part of your overall marketing plan.

Marketing Catalyst, a highly favoured advertising agency in Adelaide offers mobile marketing solutions to help brands and startups grow their business through innovative, creative, and cost-effective mobile-oriented campaigns.

Why do you need Mobile Marketing?

  1. Mobile devices are becoming the go-to screen for most people
  2. E-commerce is transitioning to become more efficient for mobile devices
  3. Mobile friendly sites rank higher in search engine results
  4. As more and more people use mobiles, their method of consuming data and information is changing

Mobile marketing is easy, cheap and fast

3 Ways to Reach Customers on Their Mobiles

  1. Display advertising on 3rd party websites such as,,
  2. SMS text based messaging
  3. MMS visual messages direct to your customers phone

Display Advertising on Mobile

Since your target audience has moved its play area from the desktop to the very portable mobile, it makes sense to move all advertisements accordingly. Follow your customer and reach out to them with display advertising for mobile.


SMS and MMS are types of messages delivered directly to a mobile phone that can be used with or without mobile app downloads. Text messaging via SMS or MMS is a quick and efficient way to grab your audience’s attention so you can be where they are—on their devices. Hence, SMS/MMS messaging is an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy. Marketing Catalyst is an advertising agency in Adelaide with several years of experience offering online and offline mobile marketing solutions.


Which is right for your mobile marketing program?

Given the incredible usage numbers for mobile devices (admit it, you can’t live without yours) mobile messaging is a good fit for any industry. From entertainment to healthcare, companies are using SMS or MMS to send product information, coupons, news alerts, movie trailers, or tune-in reminders.

So why is everyone talking about MMS? Because the content and delivery methods behind MMS are resulting in conversions and click-through rates of up to 300% higher than regular SMS messages. And as humans, we are inherently visual creatures and engage with images more than words.

The real kicker is that most advertisers and marketers generally accept that it costs less and is easier to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one. And that’s where SMS & MMS come into the picture.

If you would like to learn more about how you can maximise sales from your existing customer base with mobile marketing, then take advantage of our free consultation.

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