Harness the Power of Email Marketing Campaigns

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Harness the power of creative and insightful email marketing campaigns

Most consumers have emails and it is a very effective method of delivering your message to them. Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch your customers, and cost effectively deliver a flow of ready-to-buy customers. Email marketing includes two distinct forms:

  • e-Newsletters
  • e-DirectMail

1. e-Newsletters

As the name suggests, it is more of a soft sell, newsy format which has the effect:

  • Gently conveying information about your products and services
  • A gentle reminder about your brand and the market you compete in; and
  • Providing the customer with useful information in today’s Information Age where buyers are seeking more and more information about businesses before they make a purchase decision

E-newsletters are a terrific way of maintaining your relationship with your customers and a critical part of any customer relationship management (CRM) plan. This is especially so if you have an ongoing client relationship – eg a car dealer sells the car and then the customer comes back to the dealership for service over the warranty period.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  1. Email marketing efforts cost less than many other digital marketing methods
  2. Being low cost, email marketing efforts can also have a high ROI
  3. Email marketing lists can be highly segmented
  4. By using sign ups you know you are only targeted the most interested of your potential customers
  5. You can use tempting calls to action to link straight to product checkouts

Email marketing lets you reach a global customer base in an incredibly easy manner.

2. e-DirectMail (e-DM)

e-DM serves more of a direct marketing function looking for a direct response – to promote a 4 Day Sale or to invite customers to a new product launch. e-DM’s are essentially email advertising.

The big benefit of e-DM’s apart from being quick to market and cost effective, is that you are trying to generate more sales from customers who have already bought from you previously. And in advertising & marketing, whilst much has changed, some things never change including this truism:

It costs less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new customer.

Why Outsource Your e-News or e-DMs?

Whilst there are some nice platforms like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor in the market that are reasonably friendly to the user, if you aren’t using them all the time, they can be cumbersome. Here are some of the key reasons our clients say that they engage our services to take care of their email marketing:

  • It actually gets done! Yes, we all have good intentions to get our e-newsletters out, but if the reality is that once every 4 or 5 months you are struggling your way through putting an e-news together at 11am on Sunday night …. Well, there is an easier way to achieve the desired outcome – outsource it to us.
  • We create interesting content that delivers a consistent brand message each time
  • It is important to use good writing skills to engage your customers
  • We deliver professional graphic design which really gives the email communications a lift and presents your brand in the right light.

Email Marketing Services in Adelaide

Marketing Catalyst offers email marketing services in Adelaide.  With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can help you in building the best email marketing programs for your business.  Our services include email design and production, email strategy and campaign optimisation and lead nurturing.  We create content all day everyday which means we can easily solve the question of “What am I going to write this time”?

Email marketing is a key tool in making the most of the sales opportunities in your database of customers who already know you, like you and trust your business. It’s important to maximise this opportunity.

Your email database is one of your most important assets.  Our email marketing experts will work with you to ensure you have a clear audience acquisition and retention strategy while defining best practice goals for managing list hygiene.

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