Step 4 of Lead Generation: Driving Conversions

In the fourth step of our lead generator model, we now need to convert.

At this point, your customer has been brought into your sales funnel and pre-sold on your offer thanks to great content. On top of this, the copy has inspired action, which means they are now ready to provide you with their contact information – your customer should now be ready to become a lead.

Conversion – the act or process of changing something into a different state or form.

Since your customer is so interested in your offer, why wouldn’t they be ready to learn more and take the next step? Conversions, in the world of marketing, simply means they are offering you their contact information so that your sales team can try and make a sale.

A conversion means your traffic is no longer just ‘traffic’. 

In order for a business to succeed, they need sales – to get these sales, you need someone to sell to. Leads are the second to last step in the process of selling. So, in this step of the sales funnel, we need to drive conversions by making it as simple as possible for your prospective customer to offer their contact information.

How-To Drive Conversions 

The only way that a sales funnel will truly work is when the customer is guided through each step of the way as seamlessly as possible – a great funnel is one that ‘holds your customer’s hand’ from start to finish. When it comes to this final step of the funnel, this is especially true… you need to include a contact form so your customer can provide you with their details.

There is no reason to make your customer have to work hard to become a lead – in other words, it should not be difficult for them to find out where to submit their information. So, all you need to do now is place a contact form on your web or landing page. Since your customer is inspired to take action, all you need to do is provide a place where they can give you their info – nothing more.

Some common details you might ask from your customer in your contact form are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

While you can certainly ask for as many details as you want, less is better – more forms to fill out means fewer conversions. Remember, the process should be as easy as possible for your customer, so there’s no reason to ask for too much.

Personalization is Key 

One of the best ways we have found to increase conversions is to add a touch of personalization to the sales funnel. While digital marketing is great for advertising, it can be impersonal and the face of your business can get lost behind screens.

Business, essentially, is people buying from other people. So, a great way to add a bit of personalization on your business’s landing pages is to include photos of staff, staff bios, and contact details for your customer to get in touch should they have any questions. These elements will push your customer to include their contacts details since they are no longer giving their information to a computer screen, but to real people.

People like to deal with other people. 

Effective marketing is making it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you. If the first four steps of our 5 Step Lead Generator are done correctly, your customer’s experience with your sales funnel will require minimal effort, thus resulting in more leads and more sales.

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