Step 3 of Lead Generation: Inspiring Action

At this step in the sales funnel, your interested customer has engaged with your ad and has been brought to a relevant landing or web page filled with high-quality content that warmed them to your offer. The next step in the 5 Step Lead Generator model is to inspire action.

Great content is vital for a successful sales funnel but it also needs to inspire action in your customer – otherwise, the content may be useless.

A common acronym in marketing is AIDA, which stands for:






AIDA represents the process that customers go through up to the point they convert into a lead. In the third step of our lead generator model, we now need to push our engaged customer to take action – how else will they become a lead? This is how general traffic and interest become a real opportunity to produce sales for your business. If you cannot turn this interested customer into a conversion, then the sales funnel becomes worthless.

Unfortunately, well-made advertisements and landing pages are only half the battle. Many people in the digital marketing space leave it up to the platform they are advertising on to drive conversions and do all the heavy work for them, which does not work. The best way to look at platforms is as the messenger of the message you are trying to convey to your prospective customers.

Digital platforms carry the message, creating copy and content for your target audience further carries the message, and then a great web or landing page converts this interest in your message to a lead. 

Many marketers forget that consumers need instruction in order to take action – remember, time is valuable, so just because someone watches your ads and is interested in your offer, there is still a chance they might click away. It is your job to inspire action!

How do you inspire action?

The best way to do this is to appeal to the customer’s emotions. Copy that is overloaded with facts and statistics is boring and does not enforce any type of desire for customer’s to take action. Creating an emotional response to your advertisement will be effective and will draw your customer further into your sales funnel.

Feelings are more powerful than facts. 

There are a few emotions that are particularly targeted by marketers because they are so capable of inspiring action in customers. Some of these emotions are:

  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Belonging
  • Trust
  • Gratification

Find ways to implement these emotional responses into your sales funnel and you will generate more leads. Naturally, consumers need urgency in order to take action – otherwise, why should they bother giving you their information if it isn’t time-sensitive? Without an emotional response, it becomes too easy for your offer to blend in with all the others on the internet that consumers tend to put off.

In order to drive conversions and leads, there needs to be a reason for your prospective customers to act now. Inspiring action is a key factor in the success of your sales funnel – after your customer is inspired, they will then be more likely to convert into a lead.

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