Step 2 of Lead Generation: Warm With Content

The second step of the 5 Step Lead Generator is all about warming your interested customers with relevant content. If you have a prospective customer who has clicked onto your ad and expressed interest in what you have to offer, the next step is to make sure your customer is not disappointed by what they see next.

When a consumer clicks on your ad, they are willingly starting the process of the sales funnel you have put in place in order to generate leads for your business. Having clicked the ad, this customer is lending valuable time that could otherwise be spent on the internet – remember, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are incredibly addicting and designed to keep users from leaving, so if someone decides to offer you their attention by clicking your ad, it’s important to maintain that attention with content.

If you hope to turn an ad click into a lead, the customer must be led through each step of the sales funnel as fluidly as possible. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing their attention. A mistake that is usually made in online advertising is not greeting your customer with the right content after they click on an ad.

It’s important that the content shown to your interested customer is directly relevant to what was originally advertised- if this is not done, the customer is brought to a page that has nothing to do with what they originally expressed interest in, which means they will likely lose their attention.

The transition of ad click to a webpage should be relevant so that your customer is not confused.

If your customer clicks on an advertisement and is then brought to a page that is similar to what they clicked on, this will establish trust and ensure the ultimate success of your sales funnel! The transition should be as easy as possible for your customer. Remember, consumer’s time is very valuable, so it’s important that you respect their time by not wasting it – relevant content means they are getting what they ‘signed up for’ by clicking on the ad.

If the customer clicks on an ad that they are interested but are brought to a webpage that makes no reference to the advertisement they clicked on, how do they even know they are in the right place?

Not only should the landing or web page content be relevant to the advertisement, but it should also warm your customer to the offer. The content should not only hold attention but lead your customer closer to becoming a ‘sale’.

Content is king. 

You’ve already grabbed your customer’s attention, now you need to hold that attention so that this traffic can eventually become a lead for your business –one of the best ways to do this is through video. Video is by far the hottest and most powerful marketing asset used today, mostly because it’s multi-sensory (visual and auditory) but also because it’s the easiest type of content to get engaged in.

Once your customer is brought to your landing page, high-quality and relevant video content is an amazingly effective way to start pre-selling your offer. In order to capture leads, the consumer should effortlessly be led through the sales funnel from start to finish, so the best way to keep this step of the funnel flowing is through great video content.

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