Step 1 of Lead Generation: Creating Awareness

The very first step of our 5 Step Lead Generator model is all about creating awareness for your brand, which is naturally the first step for any type of business, online or otherwise. The basic rule is this: if customers do not know about you, they cannot buy from you.


So, the first step to generating leads is making sure the customers know about your brand by creating awareness. The sales funnel cannot start unless you create awareness, which is how your business makes money and acquires lifelong, loyal customers.


As many in marketing know, it can be difficult to capture customer’s attention – this is especially true in the age of online advertising, where consumers cannot go far without coming across an advertisement online. In order to get the attention of consumers, you need to create advertisements that are specific to your target audience.


The fact of the matter is that every person has issues that need to be fixed – the goal of advertising is to put your solutions in front of those who need them. It’s a very simple principle that often gets overlooked.


People are busy – you need to present your solutions to those who need them.


It is your job as a business to fulfill the wants and needs of your customers, which is what creating awareness is all about. The issue with digital advertising is that is the market is massive and overcrowded. While brick and mortar stores have the benefit of being seen by customers in person, it is very difficult for online users to locate your website or online shop. The internet is huge, with companies spending billions of dollars on online advertising, so you need to be especially targeted with your marketing efforts.


The website wrote that online ad spending in 2019 is over $333 billion, which is about half of the entire global ad market. As you can expect, it’s easy to get lost in the masses. The upside is this – digital marketing, as compared to classic forms of advertising like billboards and magazine ads, is cheap. Digital traffic is incredibly less expensive than traditional mass media marketing efforts, which means businesses of any size are able to make an impact.


To create awareness, businesses need to take advantage of how little online advertising costs and create multiple sources of traffic leading to your website or landing page. As you are surely aware, there are thousands of digital areas that your potential customers may be located. So, if you want to generate leads for your business, you need to focus your marketing efforts on more than just one platform.


There are so many online platforms that are available for marketing campaigns. Considering how quickly the online space evolves, it is especially difficult to figure out which ones are worth your time and money. Luckily, thanks to the lower costs of digital advertising, you can test various platforms to see which ones work best for your marketing and your business. As mentioned previously, in order to compete for traffic and leads online, you need to diversify where you are placing your advertisements and create multiple touchpoints to create awareness for your company.


Some of the best and most popular traffic sources we personally recommend include:

  • Facebook Ads (Paid & Remarketing)
  • Google (Adwords, Display, and Remarketing)
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Email

These are just some of the many traffic sources you can take advantage of in your digital marketing efforts. These platforms have worked for us and our clients in creating awareness for your brand with the purpose of capturing leads. Leads equal sales, which is why they are so important – the first step to generating these leads is to create awareness using various online platforms as touchpoints for your marketing campaigns.

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