How to Re-launch Your brand in Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Your brand as a business is your image – the way the world perceives you. There are times you might need new branding for your business. While this comes with some level of risk, having a new brand, and updating your social media profiles is a good idea.

Here are some steps to make this happen

Before the branding proper:

You need to know what you want to start. Mind you; the entire process can come crashing down on you if you do not get it right. This is where preparation and adequate research comes in

  1. Organize Your Efforts

In other words, have an idea of what you want to do. This involves the message you want to send and what you aim to accomplish. Here is where your social media handle, URL and others come in

  • Carry Your Audience

Some people might be indifferent to the process. Some might have suggestions for you. However, be sure that your company’s vision guides you. Also, inform your audience of the process, not coming at them suddenly

  • Plan for Questions

Even if you have a seamless transition, there will be questions. You don’t want to get your audience confused about your migration. With this, anticipate questions and prepare possible answers. If possible, assign someone to handle all issues that the re-branding could generate.

After the Rebranding

Now you have done the hard work. The battle is not over as you have got to maintain and defend it.

  • Address any Change

Make sure to address any change arising from the transition. Talk about any change to get confusion off your fans. You owe your fans an explanation of what prompted the change. Even if there is no specific reason, let them know.

  • Promote Your new Image

The idea behind this is to help the audience get the hang of the new brand. As a result, give users every available resource they need to get used to the change

  • Interact with Your Audience

You have got to meaningfully interact with your audience to help them have a smooth transition. Please address all questions and concerns, allay all fears, and make them understand the benefit of the rebranding process.


Handling rebranding poorly could cause a mess. But with the right guidance, you can have a smooth transition. You may contact us for availing digital marketing services as we are an experienced digital marketing agency in Adelaide.