Step 5 of Lead Generation: Sales and Reporting


The final step of the 5 Step Lead Generator model has less to do with leads and more with actual sales. See, by now the customer has converted from traffic into a lead – they have engaged with the entire front end of the sales funnel so much so that they’ve offered their contact information out of their own free will. So, now it is time to sell. 

This is where your sales team comes in and closes the deal. The benefit of advertising and a sales funnel is that your customer is already interested and warmed to your offer – this is the easiest type of person to sell to. The funnel has done all of the hard work since your copy and content was so effective that your customer has converted into a lead, so it’s really up to the sales team to take over at this point.

Assuming you have a great sales team, these leads will become sales – one of the benefits of our lead generator model is that you only get leads that are worth your time. Since there is no ‘luring’ or ‘deceiving’, you can be assured your sales team is not wasting any time since any and every lead they talk to is likely to buy what you have to offer.


Reporting is the second part of the fifth step in our lead generator model – digital marketing campaigns can be very complex, and sales funnel have lots of moving parts, so when specific areas of a campaign need improvement it’s important to identify and improve… this is where reporting comes in.

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it is trackable. 

With digital marketing campaigns, we are able to see precise measures of just how well your sales funnels and advertisements are performing. We can see where customers are engaging and where they are not – with these statistics, you can continuously optimize campaigns until they run perfectly.

It’s essential to make use of this data in order to adapt your marketing efforts. Since there are so many factors involved in a digital campaign, this can be overwhelming. Some of the platforms, metrics and inputs you may have to deal with in a typical online campaign include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Marketing Campaigns
  • Facebook Reports
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Mailchimp (or other email marketing platforms)

These are just a sample of the many different analytics you may have to deal with in a digital marketing campaign.

Here at Marketing Catalyst, we offer a solution to dealing with this overload of information and data – we offer clients a powerful yet simple 1 Page Dashboard where all results can be monitored. This dashboard has shown great results for businesses who need a modern software in order to manage their digital marketing campaigns.

Our 5 Step Lead Generator is a tried and tested model with a proven track record of increasing the number of leads for businesses – this is the basis for all digital marketing campaigns and helps boost sales and maintain companies livelihood.

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