Gain Leads with Your Social Media Marketing in Adelaide

Social media marketing is a strategy most Adelaide businesses engage in, but not a lot know how to optimise, especially when it comes to gaining leads. These days with only 2-4% of posts on your business page being served to your fans, you need to look at various advertising techniques to make your social media marketing in Adelaide really pay off.

However, because it’s the most least expensive tool at your disposal, this is your chance to generate as much leads as possible in the most cost-effective way. Remember though that we’re not talking about just any kind of leads, you need to get TARGETED ones that are more likely to boost your conversion rates.

Ordinary Leads vs. Targeted Leads

What’s the difference?

It’s pretty straightforward. To put it simply, ordinary leads can be just anyone, but targeted leads are a specific audience or people who are highly likely to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Appealing to Targeted Leads Through Social Media

Here are some tactics for your social media marketing in Adelaide to generate more targeted leads. These include:

Share Gated Content on Your Profiles

Gated content often comes in the form if in-depth white papers or webinars that a user can only access if they provide certain information like their name and email. The technique to applying this is instead of sharing the link to the content itself, share a link to a landing page that’ll ask for such details before they could download or watch your content.

This is an excellent way of gathering targeted leads since only those who are truly interested in you would be willing to give up such information to get your content.

Explore As Many Social Media Platforms as You Can

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular platforms globally, but while they are popular, they’re not the only platforms you can play around with. It’d be worth expanding your exposure out of Facebook and Twitter to find more leads.

Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and even SnapChat are getting just as popular as Facebook and Twitter, so explore your options!

Share According to the Platform

If you pay more attention to the content being posted on different platforms, you’ll notice how certain posts appear to work better on one platform than the other. That’s often because people get on that platform for different reasons, like how people go on Facebook to socialise but people who go on LinkedIn are out to connect with professionals and grow their careers.

That being said, your posts would gain more traction if you tailored them according to the language being spoken in a particular platform.

More Assistance for Social Media Marketing in Adelaide

When you get serious about social media and lead generation you will slowly, but surely, see a growth in conversions and maybe even establish a community within your targeted audience. Should you require any expert assistance, you can book a consultation with us by calling us at 1300 733 255 or emailing us at

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