Discover Why Remarketing is So Sexy

There is an old adage in business: “Half of my advertising money is wasted – the trouble is I don’t know which half”.
– John Wanamaker, US department store merchant (1838 – 1922)

It doesn’t need to be this way. Enter “Remarketing” . . .

Closer Look at Remarketing
Take a closer look at remarketing today.

Remarketing is manna from heaven for advertisers and advertising agencies alike.

What if we could show you a way to only serve ads on Google & Facebook to potential customers who have already visited your website?

Yes, these customers are not only already in your industry market, but they have even gone a step further and have visited your business online. Would you be interested to learn more about a marketing service where we could send them multiple adverts while they are browsing online, before they had even contacted your business?

Most businesses are excited to learn that this technology now exists. As an advertising agency, we are now executing these campaigns for clients who want to avoid wastage with their advertising budget and devote more resources to talking to potential customers who are qualified leads.

Most advertising agencies agree that a potential customer must see an advertisement several times before they will make a decision to purchase. Some say that the ad must be viewed at least three times, and others propose that it must be as many as seven times. What everyone can agree on is this: repetition matters. Marketers refer to this magic number as the effective frequency: the number of times an ad must be viewed before a decision is made.

The Benefits of Remarketing on Google & Facebook

What could be better than directing your advertising budget towards those buyers who are:
a) In the market now
b) Searching for a business to buy from, whether it’s yours or one of your competitors (research mode)
c) Have been to your website and know about you (contemplation mode)
d) Are probably going from someone, and likely to be this month (buy mode)

These customers are a long way down the buying funnel, so it is just a matter of who they buy from. You may as well give yourself every chance for it to be your business.

Add Remarketing to Your Display Advertising

So how do you achieve an effective frequency through online advertising? Google’s remarketing feature allows you to serve display ads to people who have already visited your website.

Where Your Ads Will Appear

Your ads will appear on any site within the Google Display Network (GDN) that your website visitors visit. Below is a list of the kinds of sites where your ads can appear:
• news.com.au
• adelaidenow.com.au
• realestate.com.au
• youtube.com
• ebay.com.au
• smh.com.au
• yahoo.com
• ninemsn.com.au
• 9news.com.au
• theage.com.au
• heraldsun.com.au
• willyweather.com.au
• dailytelegraph.com.au
• catchoftheday.com.au
• domain.com.au
• graysonline.com
• bom.gov.au
• weatherzone.com.au
• toysrus.com.au
• ntnews.com.au
• wikihow.com

These sites are highly credible sites. Your brand will look bigger and more credible in the eyes of your consumers, and therefore making your brand look more desirable to purchase from.

And Here is the Kicker . . .

It doesn’t cost you to have these ads displayed. You only pay when someone clicks on the ads.
This makes this form of advertising highly targeted + supremely cost effective.

To get the best performance from your campaigns, we recommend ongoing optimisation as Google is a dynamic and competitive environment.

Don’t Forget Facebook

These campaigns can also be run on Facebook. We track your website traffic and then send your prospective customers ads which appear in their newsfeed while they are browsing social media. Your ads go where their eyeballs go.

What is Involved?

We manage remarketing campaigns for clients including designing the artwork, setting up Google accounts, installing the tracking codes and optimizing the performance of campaign. If you would like to know more about how you can make the most your advertising budget by advertising to customers who have already visited your website, then drop us a line here or call us on 1300 733 255.

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