3 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips for Adelaide Businesses

Facebook advertising is only one of the fastest growing social media marketing tactics at the moment, and and it is no different for Adelaide businesses. Broadly, everyone is on Facebook these days, and now the marketing issue is: How to do I make the most of my Facebook advertising in Adelaide?

While Facebook advertising in Adelaide, can be amazingly effective it can also eat chunks and chunks of your marketing budget if not done correctly. It’s just like any other marketing strategy, it needs research, strategy planning and design execution to maxmise the results from your Facebook advertising in Adelaide.

Once you have it down pat you’ll see your investments growing in the form of quality leads, optimal conversion rates and more opportunities to grow your business. Though it may take awhile to get the hang of this, the long-term benefits will be all worth it.

That being said, what are some of the techniques you can do to make the most out of FB Advertising?

1) Find out Who You Should Be Targeting

Random or mass dissemination is going to be wasteful by its very nature. You will end up wasting a lot of valuable money on an audience whom you’re not even sure are going to take a genuine interest in your business.

Luckily, in Facebook Advertising, you get to set a specific demographic with a higher conversion possibility. Additionally, the Audience Insights feature is also a great tool if you’re not sure which demographics to target, as it’ll show you stats on the kind of people who’ve liked your page – meaning they’ve already shown some interest in your business.

2) Easily Collect Leads without a Landing Page

Don’t have enough budget to invest in a custom-designed landing page? Want an easy way to collect leads on Facebook without having to share an external link? That’s simple, at least it will be if you use Facebook Lead Ads.

Through this feature you get to collect leads purely through Facebook – no landing page whatsoever required. You’ll appreciate how quick and simple it is to set up, and your audience will appreciate the fact that they no longer have to be redirected somewhere else.

3) Split Test Your Ads

Split testing generally means two ads that are similar with only slight differences at the same time. These differences could range from having a change in text, a slight design variation, same copies with different images or the same images with different copy.

The purpose of split testing is to determine which ad is the most effective of the two variations through judging the reach, engagement and conversion rates. One of the two ads is bound to perform better than the other based on results that’ll come in the span of one week.

When that happens, you’ll have to stop running the poorly performing ad and split test again with the winning ad by running it with another variation. That way you keep creating better ads that are more likely to increase reach, engagement and conversion rates.

Facebook Advertising in Adelaide

Businesses in Adelaide are no exception to all the possibilities of Facebook Advertising, and in fact, many marketers would recommend this cost-effective marketing strategy for all sorts of businesses. If you’re not sure whether Facebook Advertising is for you, or if you want to start your own campaign, you can book a consultation with us by calling us at 1300 733 255 or emailing us at info@marketingcatalyst.com.au.

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