5 Fundamentals for Your Adelaide SEO Ranking

We live in the “Google World” these days. If your business doesn’t have solid organic Google or SEO rankings, you won’t be in frame for many of the customers searching for businesses in your market. There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle, so in this blog we are focusing on getting the fundamentals right for your Adelaide SEO ranking.

Here are five fundamentals to keep in mind when thinking about your SEO and in the event you engage an Adelaide SEO company to review or perform your SEO.

1 – Publish Content That Is Relevant and High Quality

You wouldn’t waste your time reading something that doesn’t connect with what you were searching online, and neither would your readers. Keep that in mind when you’re writing content for your website, and always make sure that your content is definitely something worth reading to them.

2 – Ensure Optimal Website Speed

Have you ever gone on a website where you’ve been staring at a loading screen for over five minutes? It’s not a pleasant experience. People who go online to get information want it fast, and if it’s going to take more than three minutes to get it, it’s on to the next faster website.

3 – Make Sure Redirects Are in Place

When your site can be accessed with or without the ‘www’ (www.mysite.com vs. mysite.com) these can be considered as two different sites if you haven’t implemented a 301 redirect. This means your traffic and rankings can be divided, or worse, Google can penalise one of these sites as a duplicate site. That’s what makes redirects crucial for your rankings!

4 – Customise Your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions & URLs

When you do a search on Google, notice how each URL has their own short lines of text that briefly describe the contents of their page. These are your Meta Tags, and they’re ultimately considered your website’s first impression. Thus, in order to make a good impression, make sure to write up a catchy title and description, and to also make sure you’re adding in the necessary keywords to these.

5 – Regularly Update Your Content

It’s not enough to just post quality and relevant content, you need to have a regular posting schedule too, based on the right keyword selection. Keeping your content updated means also keeping your audience updated and waiting for the next bit of information they could get. Everyone likes seeing a business with regular activity, and regular posting show just that and they also show that you’re always keeping ahead of the times.

Adelaide SEO – The Bottomline

As a general rule, if your audience will like it, Google will like it. Thus, your website should be optimised to the liking of both search engines AND users.

You can give these five tips a try and see how you go, but if you ever need any professional help, you can book a consultation with us by calling us at 1300 733 255 or emailing us at info@marketingcatalyst.com.au.

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