7 Tips You Can Try Before You Engage an Adelaide Digital Marketing Agency

Let’s be honest, we are in the business of helping clients in Adelaide with their digital marketing needs. Occasionally, some enterpreneurs like to play around with digital marketing platforms at all crazy hours of the day! This article contains a few tips for those hard-working business owners. For the the most part though, when it comes to digital marketing, many business owners in Adelaide would engage an Adelaide digital marketing agency they can rely on. That way they can focus on customer relationships, managing staff and focusing on their product mix.

That’s the typical case, but there are some who like to test the waters a bit themselves before they resolve to contacting the experts at an Adelaide digital marketing agency like ours. If you happen to be one of these curious entrepreneurs who like to do a bit of experimenting, below are seven strategies you can have a go at.

1. Do a little competitor investigation

Find out who your competition is or who are the leading brands/names in your niche and observe what they have been doing for their digital marketing. A lot of marketing involves observing what others are doing and replicating their methods while adding your own unique touch – because, of course, you can’t go on copying everything 100%!

2. Invest in Facebook advertising

This is a gold mine when you get the hang of it. Many Adelaide small businesses are trialling Facebook ads due to their effectivity and ability to reach a more targeted audience. This targeted audience are the people you want to reach, with niche-specific demographics you can come up with through thorough market research and testing.

3.  Get on Social Media!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – you name it! Go where the crowd is and don’t just limit yourself to one social media platform. If you can get an account and be active on all the platforms you think will be of most value to your business, you have to go for it!

4. Make sure your Website is Customer-centric

You might think your website is top of the class, but if your customers don’t share the same thoughts, that could spell trouble. Always, ALWAYS make sure your website is customer-centred through ensuring easy navigation, mobile friendliness, a clutter-free design, fast load times and several other factors that ultimately contribute to optimal user experience and interface.

5.  Demonstrate your Expertise

The best way you can do this is by publicly sharing tips, advice and ideas through whatever online media you can manage. This may be your website blog or your social media platforms. Keep in mind that people are easily piqued by useful information, and would admire the person sharing them – or even regard them as a reliable expert in their field.

6.  Know your Target Audience

Mass dissemination just doesn’t work anymore, especially not for small businesses with a particular business niche. Everything now is just about the quality of the leads you get as opposed to the quantity, so as a result, you need to know who your ideal customer or audience is and revolve your marketing around THEM.

7.  List yourself on Google My Business

A Google My Business account/page is a local business MUST HAVE. Having a page means your business details and even your location on Google Maps can be available to a large audience of people searching for a service or product your business can provide or sell. However, this is mainly effective for businesses who do actually have a physical address, and you’d need to work on Google My Business listing optimisation as well.

If it’s too much, you can always engage the services of an Adelaide digital marketing agency

You may not always have the time to sit down and only focus on your digital marketing, especially since several other tasks would call for your attention as the business owner. In this case, you may consider getting expert assistance from a digital marketing agency.

If you would like to setup a consultation with us, you can call us at 1300 733 255 or email us at info@marketingcatalyst.com.au.