Most companies don’t know how their marketing is performing.

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This is what a marketing and advertising agency in Adelaide thinks.

The top marketing challenge for brands is generating leads. Following this, proving the ROI of marketing activities, identifying the right channels and securing budget are major pain points. 

Interestingly though, some brands don’t pay enough attention to their marketing data (and how their activities are performing). Companies launch campaigns with crossed fingers, hoping THIS will be the message or channel that resonates and converts

As a marketing agency in Adelaide, we see this too often. Whether this is attributed to a lack of resources, fewer skills to investigate results or simply the chronic ‘always-busy’ mindset in businesses, brands don’t know their numbers well enough. 

What numbers are we referring to?

Well, it depends which stream of digital marketing we’re talking about. Let’s take your website, for example. Do you know how many visitors come to your website, weekly or monthly? 

How long do they stay on the page? Which pages? Where are they clicking? What are the ‘hot spots’? Where are they coming from? What proportion of them are engaging with you? How many are converting into action or paid customers? 

What about your email marketing statistics? Do you know your email ROI? Number of unsubscribes, per campaign? The best time of day for open rates? The location of each subscriber? 

There are hundreds or variables when it comes to your marketing. Once you know your numbers, you can split test – an important tactic that helps boost conversion rates. Experimentation is essential… but not without your real-time statistics guiding you. 

It sounds like a lot, we understand. This is why there are digital marketing agencies, like us, to give your numbers the attention needed. Your numbers validate your strategy. And without the strategy, there’s no successful execution. 

By ignoring your numbers, you’ll always feel marketing is down to ‘luck.’ It’s not. There’s a strong science and proven methodologies behind it, that’s available to you. Yes, it requires experimentation and testing to discover what works for you. But you can’t reach the lead-generating level you want to be at, without being familiar with your numbers. 

We understand, some businesses simply don’t have the time. This is why we exist (and other marketing agencies in Adelaide). 

Good, lead creating marketing starts and grows, with knowing your numbers. 

The best Adelaide marketing agencies will agree.

If you need support with your numbers, strategy and creative, assign a team who can dedicate the time and resources it deserves.  

Get your free copy of our Marketing Health Check to give you the core essentials. Then, contact our team for an tailored consultation about what’s working in your marketing (and just as importantly, what’s not). 

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