5 reasons why video content can work for your brand

Yes, video marketing can work for your brand. Says a marketing agency in Adelaide.  

We sat down recently with one of our clients. The conversation bounced from SEO to advertising and onto digital marketing

“We’d love to do video, but it just won’t work for our business…” 

An important lesson came from this meeting… many businesses push aside video, assuming their brand isn’t entertaining enough behind the camera. 

Like, a car dealership, for example. But, just think about how many car ads were on TV commercials. 


According to Buffer, 76% of businesses say video has helped increase sales. That’s over 3/4 of brands. Not brands in a specific niche, but all brands

The numbers mirror on the consumer side. 81% of people buy products or services after watching a brand’s video. 

Pretty cool, huh? 

And no, you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg. Partnering with a marketing agency in Adelaide will help create high-end production videos that guide your audience through the customer journey (and into leads). 

Don’t ignore video marketing… 

As a digital marketing agency, we don’t want you to miss out on all these benefits of video. 

Here’s why… 

1. People want video 

Most information transmitted to our brain is visual. As humans, we seek visual aids. It started with pictures and now it’s video. Your audience expects video, now. And yes, even if you’re a plumber. 

2. Video builds trust 

Gary Vee is a great example of this. Through the power of video, he’s created a worldwide following. His viewers feel like they know him, personally. You don’t need to necessarily create a fan following (unless you want to). But, video is a great way to show your authority and connect with potential customers. 

3. Google loves it, too 

This comes as no surprise. Google owns YouTube. The more videos you have on (or pointing to) your website, the better your search ranking. 

4. An opportunity to be authentic 

Remember that famous ‘Feels Like Home’ Qantas video ad? It’s a memorable example of authenticity, appealing to our emotions. And it works. 64% of people are likely to purchase from or show greater interest in a brand that authentically expresses itself. Videos are the platform to achieve this, through story arcs, music, and powerful visuals. 

5. You can do just about anything with video  

There are all types of videos you can create. That’s what makes video marketing so fun. There are demo videos, where you unveil a new product, brand videos, created as part of a larger campaign. Event clips, interviews, educational and how-to videos, animations, customer testimonials, and personalised messages. 

Lights, camera, action!  

Your videos will connect to your larger marketing strategy. Leave the planning, scripting, shooting, editing and promoting to a marketing agency in Adelaide, with experience in video production. 

Contact our team of video creatives and strategists to bring your vision to the big screen. Or should we say, the small (mobile) screen. 

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