Branding is important. But your marketing efforts should generate LEADS.

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Marketing campaigns, without the fluff, generating real leads. 

It happens all the time. Brands inject thousands of dollars into a marketing campaign, with crossed fingers (and little strategic backbone). And yes, there’s certainly a time and place for good branding.

But, the issue is, when branding is the reason for running the campaign in the first place. Every good marketing agency in Adelaide will tell you the same thing… that branding happens with most exchanges you have with your customers.

Unfortunately, some marketers use branding as an excuse for poor campaign metrics. 

“We didn’t get many leads, but thousands of people saw the advert.” 

Well, more sets of eyes on your brand doesn’t always turn into leads. 

The power of lead-generating campaigns, according to a leading marketing agency in Adelaide. 

Think of lead-generating campaigns as an inverted funnel. The first step in the customer journey is to create awareness. Basically, introduce your brand to them, if they don’t already know you. 

But it doesn’t stop there. What some advertising agencies in Adelaide miss is the nurturing and inspiring action stages. Successful campaigns that generate leads have a well-thought-out strategic foundation that looks something like… 

Introduction > engagement > education > evaluation > purchase

A digital marketing agency does this best. Capturing leads is one of the most important parts of marketing. Lead generation campaigns provide great value and encourage an action to be taken. And with the elements of brand awareness intertwined, you step into the realm of thought leadership. 

It’s knowing where to provide value without expectation, and when to turn on the ‘sales’ voice. It can be as simple as asking for their email, in exchange for your great insights. 

The key to any successful marketing strategy is to discover the harmonic between brand awareness and lead generation. 

And no, don’t worry. There are specialists who know just how to do this. 

Benefits of partnering with Adelaide marketing agencies

To conjure up a creatively-inspiring campaign that’s backed by strategy, takes various skillsets and resources. Content marketers, copywriters, social media marketing experts, SEO intelligence, and many more. 

Collateral is required to garner the attention of prospects and guide them through your customer journey… from awareness to warm lead, for your sales team to take over and (hopefully) turn them into a happy customer. 

This is where we come in. One of the leads-focused marketing agencies in Adelaide. 

Does your company need help getting more leads out of your marketing campaigns? Fill in this contact form and our team of strategists will be in touch. 

We have a proven system that we use to help brands get real leads from their marketing efforts. Our 5-step lead generator is the ’11 secret herbs and spices’ of digital marketing. 

An original recipe, that works. 

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