Ads ‘following’ you around online? This is re-marketing (and you don’t want to ignore it).

Businesses, re-marketing is a valuable marketing tool. Here’s why. 

You either love or hate it… those ads following you around. What you first thought was a coincidence is, in fact, clever advertising. We use this strategy in our marketing agency in Adelaide. 

Why? Let us explain. 

Okay, so you’ve got an overseas trip coming up. You jump online to search flight and accommodation options, but you don’t buy anything. You’re just looking. But then, as you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, you see an ad: “stay in Barcelona for just $99 a night.” 

Well, this is re-marketing. As a digital marketing agency, it’s one of our favourite assets to implement, because it’s less about reach and more focused on impact. We’re targeting potential buyers who are actively looking for the very thing we’re promoting. 

This is powerful. 

Because unlike other marketing strategies, Adelaide companies have thrown thousands of dollars into with crossed fingers, this makes sense. Re-marketing is still a relatively new concept, as opposed to other targeting strategies, like SEO. 

And the numbers support this.

Brands are seeing 128% higher conversion rate with shopping re-marketing.

Using the travel research analogy again. If you’re an accommodation provider in Barcelona, you can target both people who have been to YOUR website, as well as those who have explored your competitors. Cool, huh? 

Therefore, retargeting works, converting existing prospects, as well as finding new ones. Like we said, it’s one of our favourite tools to use in our advertising agency in Adelaide. And, one of the best tactics to help build brand recognition and drive more leads to you. 

And what’s better? Remarketing is affordable. But, it’s not a set-and-forget type of strategy. The more specific you can get, the better. Remarketing works best when it’s part of your larger marketing architecture. 

It goes something like this… 

  • Someone visits your website but leaves without making an order or taking action… 
  • Later that day, they peruse the internet and your ad pops up, recapturing their interest and enticing them back to your website… 
  • This time, they place an order, because they know your brand better or are taking advantage of an offer presented to them. 

Think about how busy you are. We’re easily distracted, especially online. Your prospects might simply get distracted. Remarketing allows you to reach those people who left, across a range of platforms, over the next few days. 

Remarketing is a friendly reminder that encourages action, while reinforcing your brand. 

How does that sound?

How our marketing agency in Adelaide can help you. 

If done right, remarketing can lead to more leads and higher conversions. While it’s relatively easy to setup, to maximise your results, it’s best to partner with a digital marketing agency in Adelaide. We’ll help you implement the system to bring potential customers back to you and attract more warm leads. 

As always, we’ll begin with the strategy and determine how to best use re-marketing in your business. Get in touch to find out more. 

Jump online and search something. Chances are, you’ll see remarketing in action. 

If you’re interested in advice from our marketing strategy Adelaide team, stay tuned. 

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