Why stories are essential to content marketing

People love stories. And businesses can leverage this. 

As humans, we connect with stories. We tell them, watch them, react to them and create them. But we don’t just see narratives in our personal lives. For businesses, storytelling is the secret sauce to resonance. As a marketing agency in Adelaide, it’s a tool we’ve seen the power of, time and time again. 

But no conversation about storytelling can be had without first defining content marketing. 

A strategic tactic to attract, educate, persuade and drive sales from a target audience, content marketing involves creating assets – such as blog articles, email campaigns, and social media posts. 

And, how do companies capture an audience’s attention via these platforms? Through stories that we’re wired to respond to. 

Every advertising agency in Adelaide will give you the same advice. Compelling content might attract an audience. But stories challenge our perceptions, appeal to our emotions, and empower us. 

In other words? Stories colour your content marketing activities. 

But, we’re not just talking about lovely narratives that take your audience on a journey. As a digital marketing agency, we encourage brands to think about their ‘WHY.’ As Simon Sinek coined in his famous video, “start with the why”… the WHY your business exists. 

He explains it like this: 

Start with the WHY and use this to craft all your stories. Then, move into the HOW (how you archive the why), and finally, WHAT (what you do). Most companies start and end with what they do. 

Your magic is in your why. This is what we practice in our marketing agency in Adelaide because good stories are armed with momentum.  

Facts satisfy login. Emotion propels action. 

Can you remember the famous Qantas ad, ‘Feels Like Home’, back in 2014? The scenes of loved ones reuniting in the airports were emotionally-triggering. The audience could see themselves in those embraces. 

Instead of launching a campaign about being in the top 10 safest airlines in the world, they deliberately appealed to our emotions. It united us all and the narrative of ‘Australia, home and Qantas’, lives on. 

That’s the power of story. 

Need help writing your brand stories? Our digital marketing agency in Adelaide can help. 

No matter what industry you’re in, content marketing that leverages storytelling can create long-lasting connections with your audience. Our marketing strategies in Adelaide rely on both science and art – to get your in front of the right people first, then drive action through an emotional connection. 

Stories have a protagonist, conflict, a structure and pacing… and the same goes for good brand storytelling. We can help you craft yours. 

Get in touch to learn more about humanising your brand. 

And because 95% of our decisions are subconscious, the biggest of which is emotion, this is one of the greatest marketing assets.

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