No, digital marketing isn’t just Facebook.


There’s more to marketing online than social media. Let’s hear from a marketing agency in Adelaide.  

We’re at an interesting time with marketing. Trends come and go before businesses have the chance to implement new strategies. While marketing has more visibility than ever before, it’s also demanding… and requires weekly, daily and sometimes, hourly attention. Marketing agency in Adelaide confirms.

Like brands on Facebook, for example. Audiences’ expectations for quick communication with depth, is greater than it’s ever been. But we’re just using Facebook for this anecdote, to lead into an important distinction: digital marketing isn’t just Facebook. 

Insights from a digital marketing agency. 

Like workplaces that still honour the industrial revolution’s working structure (9-5pm), marketing hasn’t quite transferred into all-digital yet. Maybe it never completely will, but brands of today must understand the power of digital marketing. 

As a marketing agency Adelaide, we see a focus on digital while paying homage to traditional, all the time. Companies associate digital marketing in Adelaide with social media… and that’s it! 

Let’s refer to HubSpot’s definition: 

“Digital marketing encompasses all efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, websites, email, and yes, social media, to connect with customers.”

In other words, any form of marketing, online. 

Facebook is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Focusing on Facebook or Instagram alone is like just doing a TV ad, without thought to ‘what’s next?’ Think of digital marketing from the perspective of the customer journey. Sure, we recommend being active on Facebook, but not without answering the question, ‘what is the next step?’ What is the simultaneous campaign? 

If I run this Facebook ad, how can I move my prospects along in the journey. Will you send them to a landing page that collects their email, in exchange for a free goodie? Maybe it’s as simple as adding value, on your website. 

Bottom line: your digital marketing should generate leads. If it’s not, it could be missing that vital strategic backbone, the fabric that connects it together. 

It should be methodological. 

It should make sense. 

It should guide and persuade prospects into taking action. 

Go back to the drawing board and build the strategy to serve as your compass to navigate your online marketing. 

Marketing strategies Adelaide that generate leads. 

While you might have the resources or time to take care of your Facebook presence, creating your entire digital marketing architecture requires strategic, scientific and creative intellect… and constant attention. 

With something as fast-moving as digital marketing, it’s essential to have a team dedicated to this important stream of your business. This way, you can move on trends faster, before your competitors, to help position your company as thought-leaders. 

Contact us today to discuss the digital marketing landscape that’s right for your brand… starting with Facebook. Maybe. 

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