The Value of Print Advertising: Tips from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 3

Why Print Media Matters

The relevance of a medium is entirely dictated by its consumption. Do readers/listeners/viewers/browsers use a medium? If the answer is “yes”, then advertising agencies in Adelaide, need to include that medium in our media buys. If the answer is “no”, naturally we need exclude that medium. As an Adelaide advertising agency, we have no bias towards or away from any medium – it’s just a matter of advertising where the target audience is. Here, we jot down our thoughts on the value of print media.

Over the years, however, more and more advertising methods are surfacing while others are being set aside. In the never-ending talk about business advertising platforms, it seems like one medium is always forgotten: good, old-fashioned print.

Print is particularly relevant by different categories, eg retailers of all varieties who have stock to move. Print is also very useful for targeting the demographics (40-54 & 55+) who are still heavy consumers of print.

Many would argue that today is the age of the internet, and the time of print media has come and gone. Experts though would argue that the value of print media was still high, and here are the reasons why


Perhaps the most important benefit of print media is its tangibility. A lot of people prefer print because of its physicality; having it in their hands means that the content is real, it exists.

The triggering of multiple senses adds to the effectiveness of print advertising more so than digital media. As the purchasers feel and smell the paper, they gain tactile memories to associate with you.


There is always something to be said about the feeling of legitimacy that comes from print alone. The internet is flooded with fake news and advertisements, and users are always faced with the dilemma of determining whether or not the information presented to them is credible.

We inherently distrust much of the internet as we have experienced the fear of spam and viruses, and heard of the horror of popups and banner ads. People will unfailingly purchase from the brands that they know they are legit and brands they know they can trust. Print media reinforces that mindset, therefore, improves your brand trust level.


Websites are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds per visit; there is, therefore, a high chance that your advertisement might not get noticed at all. The key to successful advertising is engagement – drawing your customer in through eye-catching content before rewarding them with a worthwhile offer. Print advertising no doubt makes more of an impact on the reader over other avenues of advertising.

It is also important to note that, how unpopular it may be, there are actually a lot of people that do not use the internet still. If advertisers take no account of these people just because they are investing more in online advertising as it is easier, businesses could miss out on many potential customers.

Make the Most of Print Advertising with an Adelaide Advertising Agency

In many ways, print is still the ideal marketing medium: it can be easily accessed and its versatility and creativity allow for a more engaging experience. We acknowledge the value of print media as not only enabling your company to reach a non-digital audience, they also give consumers a more positive impression of your brand.

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