The Value of TV Advertising: Tips from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 1

Why Television Is Still an Effective Advertising Medium

As an Adelaide advertising agency, it is imperative that we keep abreast of changes in media consumption, including traditional media platforms such as TV, radio and print. With the changes in how people consume media in the new digital economy, it is important to assess each media channel on its own merits, and on a regular basis, as there is significant change afoot. All traditional media (TV, radio, print) still have their place, but more than ever, it is about being very strategic in how you utilise that place in the overall media landscape. In short, TV is still an effective advertising medium for growing sales and building brands. This blog will demonstrate some reasons why this is the case.

Here are three reasons why we believe that television is still an effective advertising medium:

#1 – Massive Reach

If “Reach is King” as our friends at the world class Ehrenberg-Bass Institute here in Adelaide would advocate, then TV is still the King. No other medium reaches as many potential customers as powerfully as TV

Television remains the dominant platform for watching videos as it is easy to reach people by age, gender, geographic location, income level, interests, and the combination of all these. You can pinpoint the exact type of client you want to reach by airing when and where your client is watching.

TV ads also work well to attract attention, generate awareness and establish interest for products and services.

#2 – Strong Impact

Television ads stick with us long after we have watched them. It has the longevity and greater power to influence than any other medium.

People learn more about a new product because of television advertising than any other means. The combination of text, images, sound and motion offers the viewers the amazing capacity to reach multiple senses simultaneously.  

It is television’s multi-sensory appeal that allows advertising through this medium to remain one of the most viable options for many advertisers.

#3 – Emotion

What is often underestimated is how zealous consumers are about TV content. Television has the ability to create deep, long lasting emotional brand associations and this is an almost distinctive quality.

It allows you to actually demonstrate the benefits of ownership. Creative and impactful TV ads are most likely to drive conversation, in all its forms, more than any other means.

Receive Professional TV Advice from an Adelaide Advertising Agency

TV advertising effectiveness is a constant point of discussion asked in today’s ever evolving media landscape.

In fact, it is even more so constructive than it used to be. Whether evident or not, research has shown that television remains the most dominant medium for delivering brand messaging.

For brands looking to build awareness, introduce new products or services, or refine interest in existing offers, television advertising with professional help is an economical and effective choice.

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