The Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 2

How to Find Your Competitive Edge (Unique Selling Proposition)

Ask any advertising agency in Adelaide or anywhere else about a Unique Selling Proposition and they will tell you how this alone can make up your entire ad or marketing campaign.

Of course, when you are into business and you are determined to succeed, you need to prove that you have something better than, or different to what your competitors offer. In other words, you should have edge over your competitors, and this is what you call your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  

It is something  that only you can offer, something that symbolises how your business is different from others. Hence why the word ‘UNIQUE’ is highly emphasised in this term.

For most businesses, it is what they are known for, and it is the main reason why customers should do business only with them. Thus, it is important to identify your USP as it can greatly help you in your marketing activities.

However, you may find it hard to identify it, and often times when you succeed at establishing one, your competitors would tend to copy it. You also need to remember that when identifying your USP, you need to make sure that it is something that is important to your potential customers.

Thus, for starters, here are some tips for helping you find out what your USP is or are:

Know More about Your Industry

It is important that you should first know what else is offered in your industry.  Do a more in-depth analysis of your competitors as well as their selling points.

It can help a lot if you review the marketing materials they use, especially websites. You should also try out your competing products to get a first-hand experience of how they work. Knowing all of these can help you come up with a basis for finding out your own unique selling propositions.

Get Feedback from Actual Customer Experience

Learn about the experiences of those who already own a product or experienced a similar service from your industry by checking out customer reviews online. Notice the good points and the bad points. By doing this, you can get a clearer idea of the kind of product or service features that work best for prospects.

Know How Existing Products Work

After having identified your competitors and trying their products, you now have a good idea on their value and credibility. You can already tell which points you need to improve on or be better at in order to come out with something that is different from what your competitors offer.  

Think of the aspects of your products your customers will be more satisfied with, but also consider your product’s most glaring weaknesses. This way, you can work more on improving them and making your products the best in the industry.

Know Your Own Customers Better

It is now time to get in touch more with your own customers. Listen to them and put yourself in their shoes to have a better grasp of their own experience.

Indeed, your existing customers are a great source of information. Thus, exert some effort to get the feedback of your best customers.

Ask them to fully evaluate your products, and see if it has given them the results that they have always wanted to get. When you will know their most honest answers, you can then figure out clearly how to maintain or even enhance the good points and develop the weaknesses to the point that they can be almost completely dismissed.

How an Adelaide Advertising Agency Can Help Pinpoint Your USP

Sometimes it can take days or even months for a business to settle for a sound Unique Selling Proposition, as this can involve a lot of analysis and testing. It is easy to be led to confusion with all that is involved in developing a USP, but that is where professional ad agencies step in to lend a hand.

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