The Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 3

3 Factors That Make for Great Advertising

Any advertising agency in Adelaide should know that the factors that make for great advertising are the ones that can effectively capture the attention of the target audience. People have different preferences which is why a lot of thought and planning is needed in order to create something that satisfies everyone in the consumer spectrum.

Several statistics have discovered that a couple of seconds is all it takes for a person to form an impression on anything they see. This also means that these couple of seconds are also all that you have in order to catch a reader’s or viewer’s attention, determining the make or break factor for your ad.

It may seem like one big puzzle but great advertising should only have one end goal. That is to capture the attention of your target market, send your message across and entice them into conversions and sales. This can be achieved by always having a marketing plan in place so that the campaign has a clear direction when it comes to coming up with advertisements.

However, the question still remains: How do you ensure that an ad captures the attention of the consumers? How do you elicit curiosity and make them try a product at least once?

#1 – Effective Headlines, Taglines or Jingles

Headlines, taglines or jingles are the first things that a consumer associates with a product. These are stepping stones, so to speak, which paves the way for a customer to notice and patronise a product at least for the first time.

These should explain what the product is all about in a way that is creative and catchy enough in order for it to be the first thing customers remember once they need something. This is why crafting effective headlines, taglines or jingles is one of the factors crafting effective advertising as these elements capture attention.

#2 – Appropriate, Well-Planned Targeting

Naturally, if you are trying to advertise something that would only appeal to adults, it would not make sense for you to tailor your ads to teenagers or show your ads on platforms or channels where children compose the audience.

It would contribute extremely to the success of your ad if you would identify the specific profile of your target market. Some of these details would be their age range, their genders, and their activities. These would help you identify which venues to advertise that more effectively reach your target audience and the timing of when to show them.

#3 – Inviting Call-To-Action

Your advertising would still be ineffective if you do not insert a call-to-action that would invite them to try the product. There has to be a takeaway that would prompt them to make that initial contact and purchase the product.

Also, to make your call-to-action more effective, your contact information must also be presented within your advertising so that they would immediately have an idea on who to contact or where to contact you. It has to be presented clearly so they do not have to go through a maze just to get the information they need.

An Advertising Agency in Adelaide Can Help You

Yes, you can do this all on your own and yes, you have a huge chance of being good at it! However, there are also experts in the advertising field that have the experience and a bunch of proven strategies up their sleeves to help make your advertising campaign work.

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