The Inside Word Series: Insights from an Adelaide Advertising Agency, Part 4

Getting a Competitive Edge – 3 Proven Techniques for Advertising

In this series we aim to give you the inside word from an Adelaide advertising agency, to share with you some the proven advertising techniques and strategies to help you in growing your business or even in selecting the Adelaide advertising you would like to partner with. Listed below are 3 proven techniques that if implemented, will see an increase in the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

In the advertising industry where competition is everywhere, you must choose the most effective technique applicable to the type of business you have and maximise it to the best of your advantage. It should help you achieve your goal which is for your advertising strategies to effectively reach your target audience and coax them to patronise your products.

Proven Advertising Technique #1 – Good Products & Hot Offers

Make sure your advertising includes desirable products and hot offers. It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how often an advertiser just doesn’t make their offering appealing enough to the consumer. You want them to buy, right? Well, you need to give them an inducement to act on your advertising, and nothing beats a good product at a good price.

Proven Advertising Technique #2 – Create a Sense of Urgency

To get a consumer to act on your offer, you need to create a sense of urgency. A sense of urgency is created especially when a consumer sees that an offer is limited to only a few days or only up to a number of people.

This creates “fear of missing out” (FOMO) and can drive instinctive purchases, often before they’ve even had time to compare prices or evaluate the necessity of the product.

Proven Advertising Technique #3 – Specify Claims and Indicate Guarantees

Your product or service will always have competitors, which is why you need to offer something unique. Consumers must identify an added incentive if they decide to choose your product over another one.

Outright claims can be one way of doing so. ‘The cheapest auto repair services’ or ‘The best coffee’ are easy to make but have a tendency to be ignored. However, specific claims like ‘guaranteed 6% savings’ or ‘removes makeup in 60 seconds’ tend to make the consumer focus on the figures and tag the ad as more credible than others.

Guarantees are also effective. Letting the consumer know that you guarantee refunds or that you accept returns gives them confidence that you care about them and their user experience.

This kind of after sales practice also builds loyalty since consumers will always rely that if there is dissatisfaction on their end, there is an alternative way to correct it.

Engage an Advertising Agency to Execute these Proven Advertising Techniques

There are several proven advertising techniques to promote a product but an advertising agency can help you pinpoint the most effective ones.

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