Digital Agency Adelaide Creates Digital Ad Campaign Tracker

How Digital Marketing Changed Advertising

Decades ago – before the explosion of digital marketing via the internet – tracking advertising campaigns was very difficult.

For example, placing a billboard on a busy highway. In doing so, you can only get a rough idea of how well it’s converting. You know approximately how many cars pass the billboard (although there’s no way of really knowing the exact number) and you can track how many calls or responses you get from that particular ad.

However, the ‘data’ you gather from a billboard will never be exact. You will never have precise conversion rates, making it difficult to gauge how it performs in relation to your other billboard ads.

Also, split testing is nearly impossible. You can change headlines or images or other aspects of the billboard, but because no two billboards are in the exact same place, you cannot compare. 

This is also true for other forms of traditional advertising, including newspaper ads, magazines, TV, radio, etc.

That is why the internet has completely changed the way marketing is done.

Tracking Data

Digital marketing makes it relatively easy to track every single metric with your campaigns.

For example:

  • Traffic
  • Source of traffic
  • Returning visitors
  • Session duration
  • Conversion rate
  • Reach
  • Engagement
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per conversion

And that’s only scratching the surface of what’s possible with digital marketing Adelaide.

The Importance Of Campaign Tracking

The more data you can gather, the better.

Digital marketing has changed advertising because it has eliminated the guessing game.

Advertisers have more data than ever, making optimization easier than ever before.

By knowing exactly where your best customers are coming from, how they are responding to your ads, and what gets them to convert, you can double down on what’s working and eliminate what is not working.

Here’s the problem:

Many advertisers still neglect data tracking. They do only the bare minimum, relying only on what Google or other platforms supply to them on a silver platter.

This is an issue. After all, traditional advertisers would have loved to have had access to the data that is available to us advertisers today. It makes running marketing campaigns easier, almost too easy in some cases!

Not only that, but online competition is fierce.

While you may not be tracking your digital marketing efforts as well as you should, your competition is… and that’s what is allowing them to get cheaper cost per clicks and acquire customers faster (and cheaper) than you are.

By implementing proper tracking, you are setting yourself up for marketing success.

Stop Playing The Guessing Game With Your Ad Spend

Marketing Catalyst (a digital agency in Adelaide) has created a brand new Traffic & Leads Dashboard.

The bespoke dashboard provides valuable data, insights, and a recording system. It makes tracking easy, allowing businesses the advantage of knowing how every penny of their advertising expenses is spent.

The dashboard provides all the visibility you need to see what is and isn’t working and allows us (Marketing Catalyst) the confidence to show you exactly what we’re doing with your ad spend.

No more relying on your own internal sales team to generate reports – all that is done automatically with the dashboard.

For the peace of mind in working with a digital agency in Adelaide that lets you see exactly where you’re marketing budget is going and how it’s performing, visit us here.