Marketing agency in Adelaide confirms: Paid Facebook advertising gives excellent return on investment

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Why should you pay for Facebook ads? Here are three good reasons

As a marketing agency in Adelaide, we know that when it comes to advertising your product or service, there’s one hard and fast piece of wisdom that’s as powerful as it is simple:

Go where the people are.

Because what’s the point in spruiking your wares if no one’s there to receive your message?

Whether you love or hate social media, the reality is that billions of people use it every day. Facebook alone recorded 1.56 billion active daily users for March 2019. That’s huge. And it’s growing all the time.

It represents a significant marketing opportunity for businesses because it’s one the most potent ways to market to a captive audience. Regardless of whether your operation is large or small, you should consider paid Facebook advertising as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Short on time? No problems

It’s no secret that business operators tend to be time-poor. You’re so busy doing the work that it’s easy to neglect other needs, such as marketing. And it’s even harder to think about long-term marketing strategies. But the great news is that Facebook advertising can deliver excellent results in a short time.

2. Audience targeting for effective Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising allows you to target your campaigns specifically towards a particular audience. Demographics such as age, gender, geographic location can all be selected. And as a digital marketing agency based in Adelaide, we can assist you with more specific campaigns, targeting interest areas, personal circumstances and browsing activity.

3. Pick your Facebook campaign type depending on your goal

Facebook advertising allows you to run different types of ads, depending on your marketing goals. For example, you may be trying to increase:

  • Page likes
  • Post engagement
  • Post shares
  • Viewing of images and videos
  • Local customers
  • Targeting of specific demographics

Facebook advertising campaigns can be refined to suit not only your marketing goals but also your budget. So whether you’re spending $5 or $5,000, your campaign can be tailor-made.

How a digital marketing agency in Adelaide can help your business

There’s no doubt that Facebook advertising remains a useful form of marketing, but to get the best return on your investment, you need to put in place all the necessary building blocks. That’s where a digital marketing agency, like us, can help you achieve some great results.

You need to have a clear idea of your overall goals and strategies. For example, you may want to attract 5,000-page likes on Facebook, but how will those likes convert to sales? Or is there another goal?

Know your customer. Be clear about who you are targeting and understand their social media activities and what motivates them to buy.

Be clear about your sales funnel, especially the role that social media will play.

You also need to consider whether Facebook is the right platform for your business, or whether another social media site may be more effective.

Then consider running different ads for different market segments. And make sure to focus your ads on solving the customer’s problem.

Making sure your ads hit the mark will probably mean that you need to do some significant leg work before you start. You’ll probably need a marketing plan, projections and customer avatars. We can help. As an Adelaide marketing agency, we specialise in these services, and we excel at them. Just check out our client case studies to find out more.

We’ll also design a Facebook advertising campaign that’s integrated with your marketing activities in other mediums. And we’ll split test campaigns, so you get a great idea of what works best.

The bottom line

If you’ve done your homework, a well-constructed Facebook advertising campaign can deliver great results quickly, no matter what your goal. We’ll help you identify your market, define your goals, choose your strategies and construct your campaign. Get in touch to find out more.

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