4 Marketing Strategies to Grow Sales in Your Adelaide Business

Undoubtedly, having the right marketing strategies in place will help you to grow your Adelaide business. Without having a consistent set of marketing strategies in place, your business will struggle to stay at peak performance.

It goes the same way if your marketing strategy is not bringing you the sales you hope to get for not just to remain in business, but keeping it growing and improving as well. Thus, even before starting a business, you should have a strategy ready for you to experiment with and tackle.

To help you out in your venture, here are 4 examples of effective strategies you can test out and see if it helps you grow your sales!

#1 Sell the Benefits

Going on and on about product specifications and features can be boring and, well, expected. Instead of focusing on what your product can do, focus on what your product can do for your customer. This is where good advertising design and copywriting can really help in crafting your advertisements to have a compelling outward focus.

See the difference?

People want results, they want to know what will happen to them if they choose to use your product. They want to know if they will get any good from it. That being said, in your marketing, you should answer the question of ‘What’s in it for me?’ as opposed to ‘What does it do?’.

#2 Be Clear About Your Positioning Strategy

This is the centre point of your marketing strategy because it’s supposed to be the answer or the basis of every possible question a customer can ask. Your mission is also something you can go back to every time you’re unclear about your business messaging.

Having a crystal clear mission is mostly as basic as figuring out your business niche, and having concrete answers to questions like ‘Who do you sell to?’, ‘Why do you sell to these kinds of people?’, ‘What are your expertise?’ and more.

#3 Allocate Your Budget & Time Effectively

Not all businesses have unlimited resources to spend whimsically on whatever marketing tactic or platform there is. It’s the harsh truth, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself because you don’t have the budget.

Fortunately, knowing where to allocate your resources is just as effective (maybe even more so) than having wads of cash and spending non-strategically. The best way to be wise in your resource allocation is to go at different tactics bit by bit, or spending a few dollars for testing or assigning a staff to do prior research on its effectiveness and success stories from other marketers.

#4 Create Your Customer Persona

In connection to #2, you need to have a clear image of your ideal customer. Don’t think that you’re narrowing your business down too much, because the more targeted your marketing or messaging is, the more sales you get.

Why? This is simply because you’re appealing to a specific group of people as opposed to a large mass of people with a whole mix of things they like and don’t like. That being said, start outlining demographics of your ideal customer like their age, gender, familial status, etc.

Test Out or Apply These Marketing Strategies and Tell Us About the Results!

These 4 strategies should help you get started, and when you are able to try them out yourself, tell us how it worked out for you. Additionally, if you have other marketing strategies you would like to suggest, feel free to comment below.

If you need any help figuring out the right marketing strategy to boost your sales setup a free consultation with us, or you can also contact us via phone at 1300 733 255 or send us an email at info@marketingcatalyst.com.au.

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