SEO is alive and kicking: Adelaide marketing agency tells

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SEO isn’t dead, but it does reinvent itself every now and again, according to an Adelaide marketing agency

Every now and again, there are rumblings from the digital marketing world that SEO is dead. You may wonder whether to believe them, and if you do, where does that leave your marketing strategy? Here’s the scoop on those SEO rumours.

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What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is all about increasing traffic flow to your website through results on search engines. It’s about ranking highly for particular words that a search engine user enters into a search engine.

SEO as an industry

As SEO strategies have increased in popularity, SEO has become its own industry. There are plenty of SEO marketers around the place. There’s also plenty of SEO techniques that search engine users may regard as unsatisfactory, and that operate outside the scope of search engine policies.

These techniques are collectively known as black hat SEO.

One technique is keyword stuffing. This means that a page is loaded with particular keywords, but there’s little on the page that’s informative or useful.

Why Google makes changes

Whenever Google updates its algorithms, it’s usually to try and combat black hat SEO. Because great user experience is the holy grail for search engines. Anything that gives a poor user experience, for example, a keyword-stuffed page that delivers no valuable information, will be targeted to try and wipe out these practices.

So when there are protests that “SEO is dead” what these protests mean is that these black hat SEO techniques are dying out because Google is finding ways to avoid rewarding them with high search engine rankings.

White hat SEO

So while black hat SEO languishes, white hat SEO flourishes. White hat SEO is sometimes also known as ethical SEO. It’s all about SEO practices that follow search engine policies.

Through all the changes, the one constant of white hat SEO is this: unique content that provides valuable information will rank well, provided that the website also follows other white-hat SEO strategies.

So SEO isn’t dead. It’s alive and kicking. It’s evolving to ensure that search engines consistently deliver great user experiences. 

How we can help with your SEO strategy

As a marketing agency in Adelaide, we’ve helped plenty of clients get great results with well-executed SEO strategies.

Having an SEO strategy is worth considering. If business is coming to you via your website, that’s less time you have to spend promoting your wares and worrying about business flow.

We’re an Adelaide marketing agency known for our cost-effective solutions. We’ll plan an entire marketing strategy for you, meaning that your SEO will be integrated with other marketing strategies, delivering fantastic results to your business.

And we don’t just guess what will work. Our strategies are based on marketing science principles and backed by evidence and the latest research from South Australia’s own Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

SEO keeps on truckin’

SEO isn’t dead, but it is evolving. Websites that tick all the white hat boxes will continue to rank, while those that have gone to the dark side may find themselves in a search engine black hole (otherwise known as page two of Google).

If you need quality SEO, we’ve got your back. <Contact us> to find out more about our SEO services in Adelaide, or read our brochure How to succeed in digital marketing .

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