3 Approaches to Facebook Ads in 2020

In the land of social media marketing, Facebook still reigns king.

The original social media giant makes up for more than 80% of total social media ad spend, according to an article on MarketingLand.com.

Statista.com claims that Facebook ad spend was more than 1.57 billion dollars in 2019… whether that amount will be higher in 2020 or not, only time will tell.

Whatever the case, the sheer amount of marketing money being devoted to Facebook is a testament to how important this platform is for business advertising, big or small.

If you have yet to dabble in the massive world of Facebook Advertising, here’s what you need to be successful:

  • Great message: what you say and how you say it is crucial to marketing success on the Facebook platform. Users are becoming blind to advertising due to overstimulation, so you need to include good copy in order to draw attention.
  • Intensive targeting: your targeting should be sharp can be; otherwise, you are wasting your ad spend. Facebook makes it very easy to get as specific as possible, so use this data wisely to better target your advertising.
  • Sufficient Tracking: your marketing should consistently be tracked and analyzed; again, Facebook provides you with a lot of data so you and your team can see the results directly from your ads, so make use of this information.

If you want to kick-start your foray into Facebook Advertising or simply need a few fresh ideas, here are three approaches:

  1. Promote Your Page

This is a very simple method to generate more leads and sales for your business.

All you need to do is start a Facebook Page, post interesting content, and then advertise your Page; the goal is not to get a sale or conversion, but to get users to ‘Like’ your page.

Once they like your page, all your posts will show up on their feed – you are essentially paying to bring users into your ‘circle’, which you then have the benefit of remarketing to.

Facebook makes it very easy to ‘Boost’ your businesses page posts. If you are looking for Facebook marketing in Adelaide, send us inquiry with your business details.

2. Retarget Past Customers

Retargeting is made simple by Facebook and is very powerful as a marketing campaign.

When you have the opportunity to advertise to users who already know who you are or have previously bought from your business, you can tailor your messages to be ultra-specific and effective.

A previous customer is more likely to buy from you than someone who doesn’t know who you are or what you do, so take advantage of Facebook’s retargeting abilities.

3. Sales & Special Events

If your business has a new sale, promotion, or event, this makes for a fantastic advertising opportunity.

On Facebook, you have the ability to create ‘Events’, which are dedicated pages where users can get relevant information pertaining to the event, share the event with friends, and express interest in attending.

The platform makes it painless to ‘Boost’ your event so that the page is shown to users who don’t follow you; if it’s an online sale, you can target specifically to those in your niche… if it’s an in-person event, geo-targeting is key.

To get an expert team helping you with Facebook Advertising for your business, contact Marketing Catalyst for a free consultation call.