Five Social Media Content Ideas For Your Business

The introduction of social media to the world has created a massive opportunity for marketers; now, instead of broadcasting a TV or newspaper advertisement, brands and businesses alike can cultivate a following of niche-specific buyers for free.

If you do social media right, you can gain followers at no cost to you or your company… that is, if you post engaging and relevant content that consumers in your industry enjoy.

Whether you are a business of one or a big multi-million dollar enterprise, you should be utilizing the gold mine that is social media marketing in order to generate quality leads and sales for your company.

If you have yet to dedicate time to social media content, now is the time to start.

Here are some social media content ideas for your business.

Share A Story

If there is a story behind your business, social media is a great platform to share it to the public.

People love a good story; it’s why advertising is so story-based, because it sticks in people’s minds! If you can offer real and engaging story-based content related to your businesses products or services, you should post it to your social media platforms.

This can take the form of videos or images with text attached.

Go ‘Behind the Scenes’

Everyone loves to get a behind-the-scenes look at how things work; although you might not find it interesting, your followers may find what makes your business ‘tick’ very interesting.

Not only can it be entertaining content, but it can generate renewed interest in your business, as well as help with branding. If you are looking for an advertising agency in Adelaide, send us query with your business details.

Post Customer-Produced Content

Customer-produced content is a great way to not only establish ‘social proof’ for your business, but also works for great social media content!

If you see social media users talking about your brand in a positive light or sharing images and videos of your products or services in action, you can repost this onto your own page; it comes off as authentic (because it is) and can be very effective as a marketing tool.

Make sure to reach out and ask for permission before you post any customer-produced content.

In-house Interviews

This is a low-cost and easy way to produce content that is both entertaining and beneficial for your brand.

Film an interview with either the owner, face, or an employee of your business. Discuss how the business got started, what it’s like to work there, or any other background that you think is interesting for your followers and relevant to your image.

The set-up doesn’t have to be professional; it can be as simple as an in-office interview.

Post Special Events or Sales

Last but certainly not least, you can simply post info about any special sales or events your business is hosting.

Remember, your social media following follows you for a reason; they are interested in your business and what you have to offer.

If you have an upcoming promotion, don’t you think they’d like to hear about it?

For help with your social media content, get a free consultation call from our expert digital marketing team.