Why Your Business Needs a Creative Adelaide Advertising Agency

The marketing landscape has changed forever and with these changes, the need for an Adelaide advertising agency supporting your business is more than ever. Customers have never had so many options to make a purchase, or the number of channels to express sentiments about a product or service.

Smart & Social Technology

The advent of Web 2.0 technology particularly with smartphones, has offered businesses dynamic ways to nurture relationships with customers and build communities around their brand. Companies are now able to initiate online forums and let other users share their own tips and advice. Social sharing, networking, and word-of-the-mouth advocacy have made social media marketing essential to businesses.

Social media Referrals

Shift in Direct Marketing: From Telling to Sharing

The shift in direct marketing is one from a model of awareness (businesses telling people about how good the product is) to one of relevance (people telling other people how good or bad the product is, and letting businesses know about it). Bottom line, rich ideas are coming from the crowd, from cultural influencers, from people that matter to you and your business. These ideas shape the identity of your brand and the character of your business.

With the shift comes the need to bridge the gap between brands and direct marketing execution. Brands now need a portfolio of creative solutions that may include:

1. Traditional Advertising Techniques

These techniques include TV, print or radio advertising to create demand which didn’t previously exist; and

2. Content Marketing

Producing and promoting valuable content that helps solve a prospective customer’s problem, via channels such as email marketing and social media marketing to nurture the customer over the research-contemplation-purchase pathway; and

3. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is awesome for fulfilling demand. It is Information Age’s version of The Yellow Pages – but with a thousand rockets strapped to it. Buyers in the market ready to buy now can be fulfilled easily with search engine marketing.

The curatorial challenge for the advertising industry today is on how to meet and marry “traditional ideas” with the “ideas of the crowd”, and ensure that the scale gets the message across.

The Challenge for Business Owners

The real challenge, of course, is to co-create ideas with the crowd – to generate ideas from the audience that matters most to your business. Great ideas cut through, and there’s no greater than dynamic, user-generated content and a portfolio of creative marketing solutions of different shapes and speed. Relevant. Valued.

There are two implications on how your business, with the help of an Adelaide advertising agency, can create ideas that earn a share in the lives of people:

  1. Come up with a portfolio of creative solutions that dials the scale in relevance, value, reach and frequency.
  2. Connect your brand to your niche, and to the now even bigger picture. Open the window for collaboration. Work with others because success in business lies with those who partner well with others.

We have a world full of new and plenteous opportunities. Great ideas are coming from a growing number of new and reliable sources. And, as these sources multiply, business owners and advertising agencies alike need creativity in the design of new marketing approaches, powered by highly evolving technology.

Partner with an Adelaide Advertising Agency

If you would like to turn the challenges of today’s fast changing landscape into opportunities, then partner with us as your local Adelaide advertising agency, and together we will develop marketing content which is relevant, valued by your clients and which serves to prove you reputable business in your industry. Learn more about how you can benefit from working with an advertising agency.

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Author: Kain Vodic, Marketing Strategist, Adelaide.

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