Benefits of Email Marketing in 2021 by Top Marketing Agency Adelaide

Email Marketing in 2021

Email Marketing has always been one of the best ways to advertise your business online.

Despite the explosion of mobile apps and social media over the last decade or so, email has remained as the ‘glue’ that allows website owners and internet users to communicate directly with one another.

Email is not an app or a platform, but is built-in to the World Wide Web and will never disappear the same way a business can.

Email is also an incredibly effective method to advertise your business, promote your products and services, build relationships with the people you serve, and contribute to the overall image of your brand.

In this article, we will discuss some of the main benefits of email as a marketing tool.

Email Marketing: Main Benefits

Email marketing has many upsides and few downsides.

Of the various benefits, some of the main ones include:

Direct Communication

With email, you have a specific form of communication between you and your customer that few other marketing mediums offer.

For example, posting on your Facebook or Instagram profiles may only reach 5-15% of your audience… if you’re lucky.

With email, you are sending a message directly into the inbox of a customer who has chosen to receive email communication from you. Whether they choose to open your emails depends entirely on your email marketing strategy and your relationship with your email list, but compared to other forms of online media, email is the best for direct one-to-one communication.

This means more clicks, opens, engagement, and sales.


Once a person is on your email list, they are on your list forever… that is, unless they unsubscribe from you at one time or another.

Sending repeated marketing messages (emails) to your list is essentially free, which means email marketing has an incredibly high ROI. The money you spend to grow your list can potentially be miniscule in comparison to how much revenue you can generate from your email list by sending solid, consistent email messages.

Not only that, but for many businesses the customer emails are collected only when a purchase is made – this means that growing an email list is free since it is only a byproduct of making a sale. When you incorporate email marketing to your list of buyers, all you are doing is greatly increasing your customer lifetime value (CLV).

With paid ad costs on channels such as Facebook and Google rising by the year, email presents itself as a much more cost-effective opportunity for marketing.

Own Your Audience

One of the most priceless aspects of email marketing is the fact that you actually own your audience.

On social media, your business’ account can be eradicated after one bad move or a mistake by the company. Ad accounts get banned every single day, and entire businesses are wiped out when an algorithm changes or an account gets deleted.

With email, as long as you keep your email list saved you will have that list forever – and no one can take that away from you!

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